TreasureNFT, a rookie of the era – the battle of NFT market pattern

TreasureNFT — a rookie of the era.

From budding to global popularity, NFT has created countless myths about getting rich. Since entering the art circle, NFT transactions have experienced explosive growth. According to, compared with the NFT market value of no more than $42 million four years ago, the value of NFT products by the end of 2020 increased by 705% to $338 million. In November last year, NFT sales successfully exceeded $15 billion. It is undeniable that the growth rate of the NFT art market is astonishing. As the NFT trend hits, various NFT trading platforms with their own characteristics also improve the NFT trading market from all aspects.

Today, many people already know that blockchain artwork is essentially a non-fungible token (NFT), and OpenSea is the world’s largest NFT market. NFTs can track the ownership and provenance of a digital item, whether it’s a visual art, a musical composition, or a selfie. In January alone, OpenSea processed nearly $5 billion in NFT transactions, and the platform charges a 2.5% fee for each transaction. After the recent round of financing led by Paradigm Fund and Coatue Fund, the valuation of Opensea platform has reached 13.3 billion US dollars, and its two founders have also become the first billionaires in the NFT industry; After the wind blows up, the first pig to fly is facing the risk of falling into a deep valley while bearing the height of the stars holding the moon. Therefore, in such a high-speed growth ecology, the ecological participants are also fiercely competitive. The current state of competition for NFT exchanges is very similar to that of DeFiSummer’s DEX competition.

TreasureNFT dares to break the game and benchmark against the mainstream.

TreasureNFT is the world’s first integrated NFT marketplace based on algorithmic trading. How to stand out in the current mainstream market is the top priority of TreasureNFT at the beginning of the project. Based on the advantages of early entry time and long-term influence in the industry, it can be said that it monopolizes the resources of all suppliers, so the NFT category is very complete. Even product innovation, market segmentation, and low threshold user base enhance NFT liquidity and other aspects joining the battle can also grab market share from this 100 billion blue ocean.

Based on the competitive demand of NFT core liquidity.


The core needs in NFT trading are liquidity and price, so the real moat of NFT exchanges should be built on the liquidity and price advantage of commodities when they are sold. The aggregator that changes the pattern only solves the problem of scattered NFT pending orders as a front-end clout portal and does not fundamentally solve the liquidity problem. TreasureNFT uses the industry-leading innovative price algorithm trading model to establish an NFT price asset pool through the artificial intelligence algorithm model, so that the price of NFT assets rises in a reasonable and orderly manner, and adjusts the rising price according to the market, protects its liquidity and maintains its price. Gradually release the huge market potential of NFT assets. Different from the traditional NFT trading platform quotation mode, the user quotation system is adopted, which is easily disturbed by market sentiment, and driven by irrational investor factors. When the price of NFT assets fluctuates, there will be a lack of liquidity in NFT assets, while TreasureNFT uses innovative algorithm prices. The trading model, using the automatic algorithmic quotation, automatically maintains liquidity, and is not affected by market fluctuations, creating a precedent in the industry, bringing liquidity to each NFT asset, protecting the confidence of market investors, and thereby breaking the NFT tool platform and NFT exchange. The boundary between them enables each clout front-end to become a trading platform and share its pending orders, forming a decentralized NFT trading ecosystem and solving the problems of dispersion and liquidity of NFT pending orders.

Establish an ideal country with zero thresholds for the participation of all people.

TreasureNFT, hopes to promote technological innovation and commercial application in the NFT field through the platform, so that more users, funds, and clout outside the circle will pay attention to this field, and the NFT market will explode and become popular. As the current platform is based on the WEB3.0 era to determine the value of NFT through algorithmic trading, it will share the earnings and profits generated by algorithmic trading with all participants, fully incentivizing participants to make community contributions and achieve win-win ecosystem results.

The future prospects of the NFT market are far more than that. At this point in time, we feel that the mainstream status is almost unshakable, but if the time is extended to three to five years, maybe there will be another batch of NFT exchanges in five years. Imagine the changes in the competitive landscape of cryptocurrency exchanges in the past ten years, with the change in technology, supervision and the application market of credit rating, the market for providing NFT transactions is no longer the only one. The competition in the Web3 industry will be more intense than Web2 because the so-called moat is not believed here. The low or even zero migration cost brought by Web3 allows users to choose their own and favorite products more freely. If you want to retain users, the project party has to remain vigilant. Only by constantly iterating products, understanding users, and meeting user needs can win in the industry, and this is the development process that TreasureNFT has been practicing.

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