Users Must Understand Some Of The Safety Precautions Of Diesel Generators

At present, some enterprises use diesel generator sets for power supply, due to the lack of safety awareness and safety hazards caused by accidents occur from time to time, it is recommended that after the purchase of diesel generator sets, read a few times the safety use specification guidance book, so that you can effectively avoid some accidents. Today I will cite a few more typical diesel generator safety use precautions:

1.1. Attention to the risk of electric shock. Diesel generator set must be reliably grounded, for the maintenance of live equipment must use insulated tools, in a humid environment is to pay attention to the risk of electric shock. Observe all electrical regulations, the electrical part of the equipment installation and maintenance must be carried out by qualified professional electrical personnel.

2. Exhaust gases are toxic. There should be a suitable exhaust gas discharge system to ensure that the exhaust gas from the engine is discharged outside, and the exhaust gas discharge system should be checked frequently for leaks. When there is exhaust gas in the diesel generator room, should first open the doors and windows to discharge the exhaust gas before entering the house, to prevent carbon monoxide in the exhaust gas to poison people.

3. Operational safety. Do not use the generator set in places where there is a risk of explosives. It is dangerous to be near a running diesel generator. Loose clothing, hair and falling tools can cause major accidents to people and equipment, running diesel generator sets, some of the exposed pipes and parts are in a high temperature state, to prevent touch burns.

4. Fire prevention. Metal objects will lead to a short circuit in the wire, which can cause a fire hazard. Diesel generator engine should be kept clean, excessive oil pollution may cause damage and fire caused by overheating of the body. Several dry powder or carbon dioxide gas fire extinguishers should be placed in a convenient place in the diesel generator room.

5. Lead-acid batteries are safe to use. Dilute sulphuric acid electrolyte of lead-acid batteries is toxic and corrosive, contact with the skin will cause burns, should be immediately flushed with water. If splashed in the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of clean water and take to hospital for treatment. Batteries can release explosive gases during use, so ensure that the room is well ventilated and that no open flames are allowed near them.

6. Start-up safety. In the very cold environment, start the diesel generator sets need to preheat the device, never bake the body with an open flame, the battery electrolyte temperature is best maintained at 10 ℃ or more, in order to make the battery to provide sufficient power.


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