Author’s Tranquility Press Publishes Linda Arena’s The Thirteenth Order

Author’s Tranquility Press Publishes Linda Arena’s The Thirteenth Order
Publicity and media solutions provider, Author’s Tranquility Press, announces the publication of “The Thirteenth Order: Guardians of the Crystal Skulls,” a science fiction about the aftermath of a 9.2 earthquake

Author’s Tranquility Press is supporting Linda Arena as she gives a fictitious yet captivating narration of the events following a 9.2 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia that sent shocking waves across the globe in her book titled The Thirteenth Order: Guardians of the Crystal Skulls.

I ended up studying Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, parallel universes and the writings of Plato and his illusive Atlantis which lead me to Lemurian lore and the mystery of Mt. Shasta.” says Arena, “What was startling to me, is that my research gave me some answers as to why we exist here and now. So take a journey with me and you just might find a bit of your own truth.”

The book is an amazing read for lovers of fiction and science, with the story chronicling how the naïve Rachel partners with the alien beings that live in Mt. Shasta to locate and replace the crystal skulls needed for aliens to repair their spaceships. Published by Author’s Tranquility PressThe Thirteenth Order helps Arena to bring her curiosity and passion for UFOs and other similar concepts to bear in a thrilling piece.

The Thirteenth Order: Guardians of the Crystal Skulls is available on Amazon in Kindle format for lovers of science fiction across the globe.

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About Linda Arena

Linda Arena is an inquisitive individual who feeds her curiosity through audiobooks following the loss of her ability to read paragraphs. She has been able to channel her passion for sci-fi and phenomenon such as Merlin’s magic, the existence of dragons, UFOs, and at the top of the list, ghosts, into writing to create captivating stories.

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