ZHAOWEI Peristaltic Pump Help to Upgrade the Floor Scrubber

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, the governments of various countries have imposed strict cleaning measures, the public have enhanced their hygiene awareness and the demand for contact-free cleaning is increasing as well. Traditional manual cleaning methods are no longer able to meet the hygiene requirements of removing germs from facility surfaces completely and minimizing the risk of re-contamination.It is a foreseeable development trend under the epidemic that the cleaning machines with automation technology will replace the traditional cleaning methods. Combining with the functions of sucking, mopping and sweeping, the floor scrubber is being widely used in healthcare, manufacturing and commercial applications for its advantages of effective cleaning efficiency, convenient operation and faster drying. According to the statistics, the global industrial and commercial floor scrubbers market size was valued at USD 3.66 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8% from 2020 to 2026.

These statistics point out one fact that the floor scrubber market owns huge economic potential and will expand rapidly in the short term. It is a rare opportunity for both traditional home appliance brands to develop new categories and for newly-emerged brands to make new breakthroughs.While a problem worth concerning is that the floor scrubber is still in its infancy, the technological development is not yet mature and there are still some unsolved quality issues, including its short endurance,water leakage and motor problems.

Today’s floor scrubbers are commonly equipped with the diaphragm pumps whose water tank and main engine are connected only by spring clips. Therefore, the main engine has a weak control over the water tank, and the scrubber will leak water after staying at somewhere for a while. In addition, due to the structure of the diaphragm pumps, the tank will make a lot of noise and the pipeline vibrate obviously when the power is turned on, which provide a bad experience for the users. Based on the deep insights into market and consumer needs, ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd and the floor scrubber manufacturers jointly developed a peristaltic water pump driven by the planetary gearbox.

The peristaltic pump consists of a circular pump casing, a flexible tube and rollers. The working principle of this pump is based on the pressure of rolls that progressively squeeze the flexible tube. The squeeze between the rollers and the tube will create a closed cut-off point. And as the rotation, the flexible hose returns to its natural state after the rollers leave.This alternating movement between squeezing and releasing generates suction in the pipe and a continuous fluid recall so as to realize the suction function of the floor scrubber.The peristaltic pump developed by ZHAOWEI can control the roller clips to apply pressures to the flexible tube by means of the planetary gearbox output shaft and output a fixed fluid per rotation so as to achieve the purpose of quantitative transmission. In addition,the tube is the main consumable since there is no valve and seals in the pump, users can just take the hose out easily if there is a need for cleaning or reinstalling the pump. Besides,relying on the micro gearbox product technology, ZHAOWEI peristaltic pumps can not only allow the floor scrubber to run efficiently, but also extend its service life.

The floor scrubber industry has shown a state of homogeneous competition as more and more brands join in and the standards around users’ experience have been raised again. For manufacturers, upgrading the performance of the scrubber and realizing the upgrade of products have become the focus of enterprise survival and development. Taking this into account, the peristaltic pump developed by ZHAOWEI conforms to the “Supplier Product Environmental Protection Agreement” and passes a series of quality tests such as torque test, noise test and life test. At the same time, the pump can carry high performance motors and develop high-end adaptable products according to the customers’ requirements.

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