Top entrepreneur Andrew Grayson makes waves as the founder of Six Pack Coverage

There is something for everyone at Six Pack Coverage, a leading media company helmed by Andrew Grayson. Coming from an impressive healthcare background with zero business knowledge, Andrew knew that the road to success wasn’t easy. He rolled with it anyway – determined to pave his own way and build an empire.

Andrew Grayson makes global headway as the founder of Six Pack Coverage, a leading media company that is laser-focused on bringing news and entertainment on the six most important aspects of life: Sports, Fitness, Finance, Food/Travel, Entertainment, and College.

Andrew founded Six Pack Coverage at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, (at the time the company was called Sports Focus.) Although it wasn’t the ideal time to start a business with the uncertainty brought about by the global crisis, this only fueled his desire to want to try even more. 

Armed with determination to carve out his own name in the entrepreneurial world, he converted his 4×4 closet in his childhood bedroom into his own “office” where he was not only enrolled in a rigorous full-time master’s program but would also find the time to teach himself everything from marketing, graphic design, finance/accounting, to economics, anything he could about business and startups. “I felt like I was teaching myself 5 majors at once” Andrew says.

“Coming from a healthcare background with no business knowledge, I was aware of the difficulties I was about to face. But this was exactly the thing that drove me to dive into the unknown. I greatly enjoy pushing myself beyond what I think I am capable of,  whether that’s a physical workout, or a concept/objective that takes more than what is required. With months of little sleep and a slight caffeine addiction, I started building from the ground up, from designing a website, learning to advertise, nonstop emails and phone calls, strengthening my discipline, and most importantly a few great friends constantly encouraging me.” 

From working in a 4×4 closet in his parents’ house, Andrew now calls his garage in Nashville an “upgrade” from where he started. Afterward, he quickly gained traction and had no plans of slowing down. At present, Six Pack Coverage and its network reaches roughly 1.5 million individuals monthly across all their platforms. The team has 31 employees/contributors, and 301 student interns across nearly 50 college universities  nationwide. 

Six Pack Coverage now serves as the ultimate platform for those who want to stay updated on the latest news. Six Pack Coverage brings an inside scoop on important topics to aid in all aspects of day-to-day life. On its website, individuals can find anything they need – from sports to finance, food & travel, fitness, and entertainment. 

Through every pillar, Andrew has led the way in forming a team committed to providing its audience with articles, podcasts, blogs, interviews, videos, and more. The multimedia platform offers a wide range of professional athletes, internet influencers, and renowned writers who provide impressive and honest news and advice. 

Compared to other media companies, Six Pack Coverage is a standout in the industry as it does not cater to a specific demographic or target audience. The team promotes no political agenda, and unlike other companies there is no bias and they deliver genuine honest media. 

Those who want to reach out to Andrew, a leading entrepreneur in Nashville can reach out via the following below. Others who wish to learn more about Andrew Grayson and the Six Pack Coverage may visit and its social channels for more information.

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