Prairie IT Modernizes Photo & File Backup with the New Omega DataCube

This powerful gadget empowers users to effortlessly store and protect their data automatically while their phone is charging.

One in three people has lost their files due to accidental deletion, hardware issues, or software problems. In fact, according to a report* released by Kensington, another 70 million smartphone users will lose their personal data and treasured photos each year, due to their phones being lost or stolen.

And while these statistics may seem shocking, it’s even more of a surprise to learn that over half of these instances resulted in permanent file loss simply because the user’s data was not efficiently backed up.

Leading consumer electronics manufacturer, Prairie IT, is well aware of the devastation of losing your files. Founder and CEO Mark Oman has been dedicated to helping others preserve their data after he lost irreplaceable photos and videos when his phone fell overboard while vacationing with his family.

Prairie IT’s entire line of products has helped millions of people worldwide protect their personal data and most precious memories. That’s why the company is incredibly proud to announce the launch of its latest device: Omega DataCube.

Introducing the Omega DataCube

Featuring up to 256GB storage capacity, the Omega DataCube allows users to quickly and easily back up over 102,000 files, freeing up storage space on smartphone and tablet devices. Unlike using the Cloud, there are no additional monthly fees. Simply use the free app for easy backup and viewing of files.

To use the Omega DataCube, users simply plug the unit in between the phone and phone charger and wait as it triggers a concurrent auto-backup. No additional steps are required after initial setup, making it an effortless way to store photos and videos each night.

This powerful backup cube is not only modernizing file backup but truly revolutionizing the way users can organize and protect a lifetime of memories and vital documents.


Prairie IT’s Omega DataCube is now available and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as superb customer support. To learn more, visit:

Frequently Asked Questions About the Omega WiFi Amp

Q: Which devices are compatible with the Omega DataCube?
A: The Omega DataCube works with current iOS and Android devices. For more information, please visit the official website,, to ensure device compatibility.

Q: How many files can I store on the Omega DataCube?
A: Nearly all of them! It saves your standard HEIC, JPEG, PNG, GIF, MOV, and MPEG4 file types, as well as many more.

Q: Does the Omega DataCube need to install anything in order to work on mobile devices?
A: The Omega DataCube offers a FREE app that allows users to back up, view, and organize photos, videos, and more with ease. There are no monthly charges or download costs for using the app – just download the app and begin using the Omega DataCube.


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