Explains Why Some Employers May Administer a Cognitive Ability Test before Hiring Candidates Explains Why Some Employers May Administer a Cognitive Ability Test before Hiring Candidates

Human resources managers can receive dozens, of applications when jobs are advertised. They narrow their choices to the best candidates, ensure each meets basic requirements, and then interview them. While interviews can tell a lot about potential employees’ personalities, they cannot measure other critical qualities. With that in mind, most businesses now test candidates to measure more complex areas, such as cognitive thinking ability. 

What Is Psychometric Testing? 

Psychometric testing is a common tool used as part of the recruitment process. Tests allow employers to evaluate candidates’ skills, personality, and intelligence. The results can predict to a high degree of accuracy whether a job seeker is a good fit for a position. 

Companies interested in using cognitive testing can learn more by reviewing the website of a popular testing company. Information provided on this important site explains the testing process, its value, and how the assessments streamline the hiring process. 

What Do Tests Measure? 

Psychometric testing can evaluate crucial elements that include a candidate’s personality, emotional intelligence, and cognitive abilities. Unlike information from interviews or cover letters, test results are unbiased and scientifically based. 

A company such as Wonderlic has different tests to perform on new potential hires Because different jobs require different skills and personality types. Results may be weighted relative to the candidate’s position. That matters because some jobs might require more people skills and others stronger problem-solving skills, according to

How Measuring Cognitive Ability Benefits Employers 

Human beings tend to form impressions of others within seconds of meeting them, which is not enough time to recognize or avoid unconscious bias or evaluate cognitive abilities. That is why HR professionals no longer rely on interviews alone to assess future employees. 

Psychometric assessments help companies more accurately predict whether candidates will be a good fit for their organization in the present and future. There are no right or wrong answers to tests. Responses accurately reflect each person’s natural tendencies. A candidate’s cognitive ability is the strongest predictor of future job performance. 

Tests allow employers to identify individuals who may otherwise be overlooked for reasons such as little job experience or lack of a college degree. Tests could indicate that these candidates have the ideal skill set for specific jobs. 

Pluses and Minuses of Testing Candidates

The pros and cons of psychometric testing are often in debate. Some benefits and downsides include:  

  • Tests are more accurate than human judgment.

  • They are cost-efficient compared to other employee evaluation methods.

  • Employers save time assessing candidates.

  • Tests can assure employees are a cultural fit.

  • Testing identifies the best candidates for specific roles.

  • Employers can overinterpret results preventing evaluation of other crucial factors. 

  • Testing must be used with other assessments, and results are most accurate with large sample sizes.

It is common for employers to administer psychometric testing that helps evaluate job candidates. Tests are unbiased and scientifically based. They can measure cognitive abilities, knowledge, and skills that are otherwise difficult to gauge. Results make it easier for employers to accurately match job seekers with the best positions for their skill set and personality.

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