asks the question: Should One have a Criminal Background Check done Before an Interview? asks the question: Should One have a Criminal Background Check done Before an Interview?

While picking the right outfit, rehearsing responses to the most common questions, and polishing a resumé is all important when going on a job interview, the most crucial step is often overlooked: checking one’s own background. The information revealed in a background check may make the difference between a job offer and a missed opportunity. Below, one will learn a few good reasons to do a pre-employment background check on one’s self.

Ensuring Fairness and Accuracy

While we expect law enforcement personnel, judges, and court clerks to do their jobs perfectly, they’re only human. It’s all too common for convictions to be misfiled, and shoddy background checkers may request the wrong records. Even if one’s record is assumed to be spotless, it may not be as squeaky clean as you think. Here’s a great post to read on why doing a criminal background check on ones self can help you resolve minor issues before they become obstacles to employment.

Streamlining the Process

Many people assume their background information is held in a central repository, but that’s not the case. Criminal records, driving histories, credit histories, and more are found in various locations, not all of which are readily accessible. When potential hires use the Best Free Background Check Services To Check Public & Criminal Records, they learn about the background check process and understand why information is sometimes inaccurate.

Gaining an Advantage

Today’s job market is intensely competitive, and searchers have to be nearly perfect to get their desired positions. All interview responses, areas of work experience, and references count, and they can make or break the chances. By checking one’s background and resolving issues, one will gain an edge over other job seekers.

Clearing Up Minor Details

If you’ve been convicted in the past but had the conviction removed from one’s record, a self-check is essential. According to, records that were to be sealed or expunged come up on pre-employment background checks. Although employers can’t use them against you, these records may change the way you look in their eyes. Checking one’s own background before going on an interview will allow you to clear up these minor details before they cause major problems.

Offering Valuable Insights

If you’re dealing with a bad credit history or a spotty record, there’s likely an explanation for every issue—but employers won’t see one’s side of the story when they get the results of a background check. With a self-review through Sterling Check, job seekers get an unbiased look into how they’re seen by employers. This fresh perspective can be enormously helpful and show people which jobs they should steer clear of while also pointing out areas for improvement.

Controlling the Narrative

The final point is connected to all the others on this list. By doing a pre-employment background check on one’s self, correcting inaccuracies, and learning how employers screen potential hires, one will have more control over how you’re seen.

Do a Background Check and Do the Right Thing

Those who don’t check their own backgrounds leave important elements up to hiring managers’ discretion and understanding. In today’s competitive job market, it’s important for job seekers to control the variables they can, and preliminary background checks can help them accomplish that goal.

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