Discusses the Many Benefits of Taking Travel Nurse Jobs Discusses the Many Benefits of Taking Travel Nurse Jobs

These days, nurses are in high demand. Many nurses left the workforce during the COVID pandemic to retire or pursue alternative careers. That exodus has left some hospitals and clinics struggling with ongoing staffing issues.

Hiring traveling nurses is a great solution to alleviating temporary staffing issues. However, even established nurses rarely consider this lucrative career.  Nurses can navigate to this website. Read on to find out about the top benefits of becoming a travel nurse to see if it’s a good next step.

Good Compensation

Nurses, in general, are paid well, but travel nurses make even more money than staff nurses that stay at one facility. Those who don’t believe the hype can also learn more with a Data Deep Dive: How travel nurse wages are faring in Memphis. Hourly pay rates have come down from what they were at the height of the pandemic but are still quite impressive.

Flexible Scheduling

According to, increased compensation is only one of many factors that cause new and established healthcare professionals to take up travel nursing. Just as many newcomers to the field report that more flexible scheduling was the top factor driving their decisions. Travel nurses can take breaks between contracts, arrange to be near family when important events are about to occur or even request longer weekends at each facility.

Opportunities to See the Country in New Ways

For those with an adventurous spirit, spending some time working as a travel nurse is a great way to see new places, meet new people, and expand comfort zones. Even those who have already traveled extensively across the United States will find that taking jobs as travel nurses allows them to see the same places in a different light. Plus, working in different regions and in a variety of positions can help nurses learn more about their fields.

Improved Job Security

Because of the ongoing, nationwide nursing shortage, these healthcare professionals enjoy a higher level of job security than most people. However, working as a travel nurse through a company like Triage Staffing offers nurses even more confidence that, when one contract runs out, there will always be another assignment waiting. Most people only leave the field of travel nurses when they find a town they like enough to settle down and transition to full-time staff.

Ability to Avoid Burnout

Burnout is a common problem among permanent staff nurses. Some are tired of hospital politics, while others feel their careers are no longer progressing as they would like. Spending some time as a travel nurse can be an excellent way for burnt-out nurses to renew their enthusiasm without giving up the best parts of the job.

Who Can Become a Travel Nurse?

Some travel nurses have advanced degrees or specialize in a particular field, but most have only general licenses. Staffing agencies generally prefer that job candidates have a year of experience working as an RN before they take their first travel nursing assignments. Of course, more experienced nurses are certainly welcome to apply.

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