New social media-based mobile game aiming to reforest the earth to launches on Kickstarter

Kodama World is designed to engage players proactively in saving the planet through the process of reforestation in a fun playful way.

The NY-based eco-conscious gaming company, Kodama World, has recently launched a unique social media-based mobile game that has been designed to encourage proactive participation in reforestation initiatives. Titled “Kodama World”, the game is the first mobile game in the world that enables players to plant trees in real life every time they plant trees on the game screen.

Kodama World is aimed to save the ecosystem through collaborative effort from players. The game is themed on Kodama, a tree spirit found in Japanese folklore. As part of the game, players would have to plant trees for Kodama to find them new homes. The company will plant one tree every single time the player will plant as well as grow a tree in the game.

“An average adult in the USA emits 27 tons of CO2 annually. To combat the problem for each person, at least 1k trees have to be planted every year. It comes down to 3 trees per day. But, the problem is, it is not easy to find time to plant 3 trees every single day. This is where Kodama World comes to your help. With Kodama World, you will be able to plant trees every time you will play the game, yet without tampering with your existing routine”, stated the leading spokesperson from Kodama World.

Technically, Kodama World is a 2D game where players have to make the best of their green thumb. As a player, you will have to germinate seeds, grow saplings, as well as plant trees repeatedly.  Every single time a tree will be planted, a Kodama will find a home. Likewise, every single time the player will plant a tree, Kodama World will plant a tree in real life. The reforestation endeavour will further expand as more players will join the game and start planting trees. The company will plant trees in all places across the world.

“Our goal is to inspire people to take actions to combat climate change in a proactive way. Our planet is in grave danger and it would take collective effort from all of us to save the earth and protect our ecosystem. Kodama World looks forward to making things work by presenting an engaging and fun way to prevent climate change through the process of reforestation. As of now, we are aiming to launch the game as soon as possible. But, such a high-tech project demands robust financial backup and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will not only enable us to bring the game to life but also take us a step forward in saving our ecosystem.”

To show your support for the project, please visit Kickstarter.

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