Onium Industry Solved What They Were Told Couldn’t Be Solved

Onium Industry Solved What They Were Told Couldn't Be Solved

A mechanic in Midland, Texas has done the impossible. During his initial research, the experts said “If it could be done they would have already thought of it.” He didn’t believe they were correct. So, he taught himself how to make nanomaterials, and found one he felt would solve the problem. Thus, a new product was developed; A device to make your engine more efficient. It will lower emissions while raising your fuel economy. 

This ordinary mechanic proved the experts wrong with his extraordinary skills. Onium Industries is the result of his unrelenting efforts. Robert Lalum the founder of Onium Industries was confident that he could solve the problem with his methods. As high gas prices fight back and decrease your fuel mileage. Onium Industries helps you maximize your fuel economy with their products.

Robert Lalum taught himself how to make this innovative product. The Dynamic Noise Attenuator (DNA).

The theory behind it is to remove as much of the interferences, such as EMI (Electromagnetic Interference), to the engine’s computer. These signals prevent the engine from operating at its peak and cause damage to engine sensors and electronic components.

DNA will not void warranties and will even improve fuel economy in a new vehicle. 

About Onium Industry

Robert Lalum started Onium Industries in 2017 with the goal of developing innovative products which can help the human race to live a better life on and off this planet. He also gave himself three projects: “Earth, Space, and Mars.” He focused on the Niche of Nanomaterials. He is determined to improve the health and safety of the environment which will lead to an increase in the lifespan of humanity.

The product that he designed is called the Dynamic Noise Attenuator, DNA for short. They also have the QUANTUM DNA for larger engines like semi-trucks and Yachts.  It’s guaranteed to work. Onium Industries provides you with quick installation. The DNA even improves the functionality of chipped or reprogrammed engines.

Onium Industries is a seed stage company that is currently looking for likeminded Investors. Check out their website which is flooded with positive reviews.

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