Matexcel Provides a Wide Range of Chitosan Products for Research Use

Matexcel now provides a wide range of chitosan products to gear the current trend of industrial development and customers’ needs.

New York, USA – September 29, 2022 – Matexcel, a biotechnology company specialized in material sciences that provides quality ceramic, nano/micro particle, natural materials, graphene, etc., and material analysis services to the science community, now provides a wide range of chitosan products to gear the current trend of industrial development and customers’ needs.

In 1811, French scientist Braconot made the first discovery of chitin in a mold. French C. Rouget processed chitin with concentrated KOH in 1859, and chitosan emerged as a result. The chemical composition, characteristics, and methods of chitin manufacture were not thoroughly understood until the 1950s.

Due to its biodegradability, low toxicity, and strong biocompatibility, chitosan is widely utilized in biomedicine and pharmaceuticals. Chitosan can be manufactured into granules, eye-use film, and other forms as an auxiliary material for various dosage forms. Studies have shown that chitosan has the properties of being anti-acid, anti-ulcer, and encouraging wound healing. One of the key components of chitosan’s potential as a revolutionary nanomedicine carrier is its exceptional mucosal adhesiveness.

With decades of convincing experience delivering “complaint-free” products to institutional and industrial customers, Matexcel now provides nearly 40 kinds of chitosan products that can be categorized by its application, such as research, medical, cosmetic and food grades.

Now, chitosan products at Matexcel mainly include: Medical grade chitosan, Research grade chitosan, 8-15mpa.s, Research grade chitosan, 10-30mpa.s, Research grade chitosan, 30-70mpa.s, Research grade chitosan, 70-150mpa.s, Research grade chitosan, 350-750mpa.s, Chitosan for water treatment, Food grade chitosan, 12mpa.s, Food grade chitosan oligosaccharide, 3000Da, Cosmetic grade chitosan, 40mpa.s, Cosmetic grade chitosan, 125mpa.s, etc.

“To keep pace with the market development trend and get your needs met, we will continually update our product catalog but with no quality compromise. And we can also provide custom solutions to meet your specific needs.” Commented Johnson, one of the representative speakers from Matexcel.

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