Timekettle Wt2 Edge bluetooth translator earbuds with Super Hybirdcomm technology improve accuracy of translation dialogue

Timekettle Wt2 Edge bluetooth translator earbuds with Super Hybirdcomm technology improve accuracy of translation dialogue

Timekettle Wt2 Edge bluetooth translator earbuds
Improve your international business relations with the indispensable bi-directional timekettle ai bluetooth communication translation earbuds.

GUANGDONG – SEPTEMBER 29, 2022 – Translation earbuds have been catching on really fast in the last few years. Multiple companies have come up with this technology for people to use and benefit from in international travels, relations and diplomacy. Having said that, there aren’t any who can match the technological prowess and the futuristic capabilities of one company that has grabbed the market like no other. One company that has made huge sales are at the forefront of the next generation of translation earbuds, who has ratcheted up languages, accents and accuracy of AI bluetooth translator of more than 95%, and stands as the undisputed champion of communication devices with Bluetooth ai translators — TIMEKETTLE.

As mentioned earlier, there are multiple companies that produce translation earbuds. Companies like Vasco and Waverly Labs bluetooth translators make them too.

The translations from Arabic to English and vice versa were not as accurate with the Spanish-to-English translation. However, this may be due in part that both languages are more similar than they are different; there isn’t any “Syrian” dialect used by waverly Labs’ ambassador interpreter which could have contributed towards its lack of success when trying other tongues. The only similar product in the marketplace is a set of translation earbuds from TimeKettle. Timekettle wt2 edge bluetooth travel language translator have 40 different languages available for translation, only a little bit expensive than Ambassador Interpreter.

Besides, Timekettle bluetooth translator has the designer’s edge of a tremendous integrated breakthrough in translator technology, integrating the current cutting-edge technologies in the fields of communication, acoustics and simultaneous interpretation. The Timekettle WT2 Edge is different from the interactive interpretation of traditional translation equipment in that its own Simultaneous Interpretation super hybirdcomm Technology realizes the simultaneous parallelization of the listening, translation and broadcasting steps of the dialogue right from the beginning of the communication, thereby improving the efficiency and accuracy of translation dialogue by more than 100%-200%.

“People have spoken — There’s no one like Timekettle WT2 Edge bluetooth language translation earbuds and its stupendous ability in the most accurate translation services. Breaking through the multi-channel technical bottleneck between translation and listening, Timekettle, as a company, has laid a technical foundation for the simultaneous interpretation experience of translation headphones, which is the first in the industry. With its long battery life, barrier-free fluency and tremendous accuracy of over 95% has made us the go-to company for any type of translation earbuds. Traveller or diplomat, it doesn’t matter. If you speak with foreigners, Timekettle bluetooth translator is always by your side”, said the founder of Timekettle.


Timekettle is a tech firm that manufactures bluetooth translation devices with service of over 40 languages and 93 accents that makes sure people can listen and understand another person speaking without the need of a human translator.


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