Eartha Kitt Biopic Acquired By Exclusive Licensing Authority Legio Xiii

Eartha Kitt Biopic Acquired By Exclusive Licensing Authority Legio Xiii
Eartha Kitt C’est Si Bon, the highly anticipated biopic about the global star of stage & screen, Eartha Kitt, has been acquired for branding and licensing by Legio XIII Imprimatur Inc, a nascent licensing authority focusing on elite-level properties and brand partners.

Legio XIII Imprimatur Inc. has acquired exclusive rights to license the much anticipated film, Eartha Kitt C’est Si Bon.

Legio XIII is an exclusive licensing authority representing elite film properties. President of Marketing for Legio XIII, Leigh Ariana Trifari, says, “Eartha Kitt C’est Si Bon fits Legio XIII’s four key requirements. Very few Productions can do that.” She explains, “For every property we consider, we ask: is it original? Does it make an artistic statement? Does it have solid market potential? And finally, does it have superior production attachments? Eartha Kitt C’est Si Bon is a unique property with a pre-existing global audience, and meets all these criteria. It is a natural fit for the exclusive branding partners we work with.”

Global star Eartha Kitt had a 60+ year long career in film, television, and stage. She passed away December 25th 2008, but is even more popular today than during her lifetime. She is the original “Santa Baby” recording artist, the first Black Catwoman, the voice and inspiration of Disney’s Yzma. In 1968, at the start of the antiwar movement, Eartha Kitt attended a White House luncheon and labeled the Vietnam War “a war without explanation or reason,” and the direct cause of the rise in rebelliousness among American youth. Her words galvanized antiwar sentiment among many Americans, especially mothers. The LBJ White House responded summarily by directing the CIA and FBI to sabotage Eartha Kitt’s career. This would come to be an iconic example of the abuse of intelligence agencies by those in power to marginalize opposing views. Kitt was forced to work abroad for 10 years. She returned triumphantly to America in the 1978 play Timbuktu, and was famously welcomed back to the White House by President Jimmy Carter.

Eartha Kitt C’est Si Bon is an unusual film. Director Shadow Dragu-Mihai‘s script is a choreopoem, a theatrical form never before adapted to the screen. The strength of the piece has prompted significant name talent to attach themselves to the film. These include Star Trek’Robert BeltranX-Files Carrie Cain Sparks, the first African American James Bond girl Trina Parks, and Kenan‘s break-out star Dani Lane, to name a few. More talent and team members are being announced weekly by production. The title role is being kept under wraps for now.

Eartha Kitt C’est Si Bon combines artistic merit with social relevance, entertainment and an engaged global audience,” Trifari concludes. “It will affect everyone who sees it. Legio XIII, our exclusive branding partners, and the film’s investors are happy to be associated with it. It is timely, it will affect people positively, and it will make a profit.”

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