The Hawthorne Effect has announced a new single: “Omen.”

September 29, 2022 – The Hawthorne Effect is a band from Chicago, IL. The four-piece line-up consists of Scott Fritz (guitar, keys, drums, productions, additional vocals) as well as Will Sprawls (Bass, keys), Joe Babiak (drums, backing vocals), and frontman John Jauch, who writes all the songs. John is a psychotherapist and research scientist when not busy making music. His connection with his professional field inspired the name of the group. The Hawthorne Effect is a peculiar psycho-social phenomenon that focuses on people who seem to change how they behave whenever they know they are being watched.

These musicians explored a wide range of influences and aesthetics with their sound. Anything goes, from the timeless twist of classic rock to the raw edge of alternative music. The group’s debut, “Awakefulsleep,” was an instant hit, immediately showcasing the band’s broad scope and talent. The release received two “Top 100 Album of the Year” awards, with singles appearing in several films and videos.


“Awakefulsleep” stood the test of time. The record remains a solid calling card for the group, showcasing The Hawthorne Effect’s emotional yet energetic rock sound. Still, the band has always been eager to keep embracing new challenges and expand its formula. The group has released several singles and EPs over the following years since its 2012 debut. Progressively, they managed to amass a kaleidoscopic discography, which remains true to The Hawthorne Effect’s roots.

Some of the band’s recently released singles are going to appear on the group’s highly anticipated sophomore full-length. Six tracks have been published to date, with a seventh coming up: Omen.


The song showcases The Hawthorne Effect’s ability to constantly innovate its sonic vision while never losing sight of the core sound of the project. From punchy modern rock to soulful acoustic blues, “Omen” has it all. The song also features a spot-on collaboration with vocalist Rebecca Schneider, who provided some amazing vocals for a killer duet with frontman John Jauch.

The song excels at building cinematic tension, with momentous melodies and huge build-ups that lend intensity and drama to the track.

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