Trex Capital Asia – Changing the Game of Trade and Project Financing With Fast Financing

Trex Capital Asia has changed the game of Project and Trade Financing. If the client’s project is strong enough, you can expect funding in 5 days instead of a typical 30 to 60 day private money close. 

Trex Capital Asia has been providing business/trade transactions and Project Funding in Asia for over a decade, with a reputation of never charging upfront fees. It has also made a name for itself in SBLC’s, private equity and venture capital, being listed as a verified investor on Crunch Base and Pitch Book with over 41 equity transactions. It has been a top player in the Hong Kong scene for quite some time.

Earlier this year, the firm unveiled a new hybrid type of Private Placement Program designed to bring project funding to clients who had difficulty capturing both bank’s attention and pocketbooks.

Meeting with me, the firm was excited to discuss its newest product. The firm provides Project Financing worldwide by issuing collateral in the form of Standby Letters of Credit or Bank Guarantees. They can then arrange financing directly against the collateral for the benefit of client. Clients can obtain the project financing that they need with a clear and clean transaction, not dependent on credit or historical backgrounds.  

The industry is ripe with scams, and Trex Capital Asia always tries to stay one step ahead with secured Fast Funding and pure collateral like Standby Letters of Credit or Bank Guarantees. To ensure security, they only deal with reputable third-party escrow firms. Going even further the firm commented, “For most of our clients, we can guarantee project funding to the extent that they will receive the first payment from the lender before we’ve even issued the Letters of Credit.”

Founder Mr. Feng explains, “Our clients continued to come to us requesting Standby Letters of Credit even after we had made initial venture capital investments. They could not get the project funding they needed at banks to succeed. It was a problem for us because we had already invested so much capital with these clients; we didn’t only want them to succeed, we needed them to.”

“Banks in China and the West had one question. What do you have as collateral? We realized our clients needed one thing to succeed and get large amounts of project capital from traditional banks, collateral in the form of Standby Letters of Credit or Bank Guarantees.”

Trex Capital Asia’s new Collateral Lending Program is not a Private Placement Program though. Put simply, Trex Capital Asia will issue collateral typically in the form of Standby Letters of Credit, which can be used as collateral by a traditional lender to fund a project and support Trade Financing.

“Trex Capital is so confident in our product that we will arrange funding against the collateral for specific clients” said Chris Brock of Trex Capital. Yes, thats correct, Trex Capital Asia says that it will arrange both the collateral, and the funding for its clients. 

Another new program that just hit the market is Trex Capital Asia’s Bridge Loan Program. The firm says that funding is based on the exit strategy of the loan. They look for a verifiable way the loan will be repaid. 

Trex Capital Asia says that if you have that and are willing to escrow a specific amount of months of the interest payments, they will provide Fast Funding to you in 48 hours, anywhere in the world.

“This program is for clients that need Fast Funding right away. They don’t have the time to wait and know how to exit from refinancing or private money” said Mr. Brock, Head of New Client Relations in Trex Capital Asia. 

Many exciting things are happening at Trex Capital Asia indeed. Reach out to them by going to  or by emailing them at [email protected]

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