Electric Simulated Fireplace – New Choice for Winter Interior

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing electric simulated fireplaces to replace real ones. The reason why the Kismile electric fireplace has a certain heating effect is that the manufacturer has added heating components based on the fake fireplace so that can have warm air to send out! From the perspective of heating components, the current electric fireplace heating components are generally divided into 750w and 1500w (two 750w components). When you are close to the fireplace outlet, you can feel the warmth. The appearance of the simulated fireplace itself is to solve the alternatives that appear because the real fire fireplace cannot be installed. Due to its plug-and-play feature, it has now been widely used in home decoration design!


In terms of style, there are mainly European style, pastoral style, modern style, post-modern style, mix and match style, etc. European style can be divided into Baroque style, Rococo style, Victorian style, Bohemian style, European minimalist style, etc.; material can be divided into marble, solid wood, metal electric fireplace, etc.; installation method can be divided into embedded, wall hanging, combined, portable, etc.


The decorative effect of the electric simulated fireplace is more prominent and more widespread. It simulates the effect of “burning wood” in the fireplace to achieve the purpose of decorating the house. It is more common in neoclassical and other styles. The simulated fireplace does not need to consider the problem of the flue. If the simulated fireplace is used, there is no need to transform the space such as the single-family villa, and the wonderful effect can be achieved by direct installation. In addition, as a heating device, the simulated fireplace is relatively simple, convenient, easy to use, and has home improvement.

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