Tomatoswap created new DAO governance web3.0 aggregation service ecosystem

With the deep adoption of DeFi, GameFi is also confronted with chances. The term GameFi was first used outside the field of crypto space as an innovative financial services company aiming to use fun ways to improve the efficiency of employees, and from then on the two originally unrelated words Game and Finance have become inextricably linked. GameFi refers to the presentation of financial products in the form of games, gamified the rules of DeFi, such as the use of NFT equipment to boost earnings and matchmaking mode, which makes the GameFi project more interactive and interesting for users than traditional yield farming.

Tomatoswap has created a new DAO governance Web3.0 platform, and GameFi, Swap decentralized aggregation service ecology. By aggregating the ecological power and incentive models of Tomatos, TomatoNFT, TomatoGameF, innovation award system and Tomato Incubator, a world of token circle legend is created. By the landing of multiple ecosystem practices, Tomatoswap will provide global users with a fast, secure and trustworthy Web3.0 eco-integration foundation tool built by DeFi compounding investment ecology. Maximizing the function of the blockchain and the value delivered by Web3.0 and bringing the equality and openness of blockchain and Web3.0 to the forefront to allow hundreds of millions of users to have more freedom in their assets.

Tomatoswap Overview:

1.TomatoSwap is a new aggregated DEX led by the excellent community leaders who have participated in Shib, Axie and Farmer’s World, and developed by the Tomato team and AVE team. TomatoSwap will aggregate the entire Binance blockchain network to provide users with the optimal transaction route and efficient transaction efficiency, making it more convenient for users to trade. Tomatoswap is the world’s leading one-stop DeFi blockchain aggregation trading platform. Tomatoswap focuses on building a decentralised financial (DeFi) solution for IEX of blockchain assets, allowing easily execute smart contract-based IEX for individuals or institutions on BSC and other public chains.

2. Why Tomatoswap is different

Most DEX rely on automated market makers (AMMs) to enable the buying and selling of assets, important but not perfect. AMMs is capital inefficient, often prone to risks such as sandwich attacks and unearned losses, and unable to price non-spot assets. Tomatoswap solves these problems by allowing professional market makers to manage liquidity pools using a Request for Quote (RFQ) model. In turn, traders and liquidity providers (LPs) gain greater efficiency and security. Tomatoswap’s value to market makers differs from the constant product pricing function commonly used by AMM in that Tomatoswap allows market makers to access liquidity and price assets using an off-chain pricing function backed by cryptographic signatures. By moving pricing off-chain, market makers can use more sophisticated pricing strategies that take into account off-chain data (such as historical asset prices, volatility and other real-world information), allowing them to price assets effectively.

Token model

Tomatos is a digital token issued based on the BSC Binance Smart Chain. It has multiple functions such as value addition, payment and circulation. To better build the Tomatoswap ecology, we deployed NFT, aggregated DEX, GaMeFi, issued a total of 32.5 billion Tomatos, 99% of the initial destruction, the remaining 325 million in circulation, we opened Tomatos for community subscription, about 18.81 million tokens, 137 million tokens. The team has repurchased approximately 22 million tokens since launch and destroyed a cumulative total of 140 million tokens in bulk. Tomato will be key to the future of the ecosystem. The team will keep 0 token in Tomatos.

Tomatoswap is an integrated ecosystem consisting of DEFI, Chain Tour, Meta Realm, NFT, and social networks. Tomatoswap will reshape the rule system for digitising wealth and digital financial transactions and establish a new system of digital property rights. Combining the concept and technology of decentralized Web 3.0 with the financial business to produce “Decentralized Finance” will bring about a revolution in the financial industry, following the concept of “contribution, Sharing and Mutual Benefit”. We will make the DAO governance concept of “consensus and commonality” a part of ecological construction.

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