Introducing the LIVTAB Cyber One, an all-in-one height adjustable gaming desk

LIVTAB, a smart home gadget manufacturer, is introducing its latest product, the Cyber One all-in-one height adjustable gaming desk.

The best gaming desk can quite literally change the way you game. At its simplest, a suitable gaming desk should give you plenty of space for your keyboard, mouse, and monitor—all in a sturdy and ergonomic frame. Gaming desks, as so profoundly built by LIVTAB, now also have the option of standing desks with motorized options to jump between sitting and standing modes in a moment. Pair your dream desk with a sturdy gaming chair, and you’ll be set.

LIVTAB’s Cyber One is a human-centric desk ready for its users’ next posture. The impressive and sturdy sit-to-stand Cyber One combines a dual electric motors lifting mechanism with highly integrated functions via a single-cable power supply and many more modular storage options.

LIVTAB is on a mission to improve the standards of life and develop technology, which is the foundation of present-day civilization. The Cyber One was designed with precise control at the fingertip with the help of a control panel mounted right at the desk edge.

Speaking about Cyber One, an executive of LIVTAB said: “Customize a personal storage solution that suits you with the optional accessories. Get all your essential gears organized, stored and displayed while having it all close at hand. Simply press a button and Cyber One zooms easily between 29.5″ and 47″. You are able to choose exactly your preferred desk height down to millimeters. Whenever you want to take a break or have a stretch, the Cyber One is ready.”

Other fascinating features of Cyber One include a robust and precise soundscape with a two-way speaker design, a no-cable-mess charging station with lots of charging options and a fully—embedded smart coaster that keeps one’s coffee, tea or cocoa nice and hot at a desirable temperature from 130 ℉ to 140℉ or cooling temperature around 41℉ range.


LIVTAB’S STORY Founder Evan Han is a gamer who loves spending time playing video games and has always wanted to create a space that is joyful.  Han’s background in foreign trade industry and his travels have given him a unique perspective on what consumers want. He wanted to create furniture that was traditional but functional, which led him down an innovative path for designing.

The commitment to designing functionally innovative products is what sets LIVTAB apart from their competitors. The company’s goal has always been not just making beautiful items but also thinking about how they can be used in ways you never considered before!

LIVTAB’s products are so cleverly designed and efficiently executed that they’ll appeal to gamers as well those who have never played video games before. They come in all shapes and sizes, with a wide variety of features which make games super convenient that can be relexing even after hours playing console or PC without needing any extra assistance!

LivTB’s alterations provide functionality for people who want more out their lives by making tasks easier while still being able show off what makes themselves special: creativity through customizabilityTo explore other fascinating features of LIVTAB’s Cyber One, check out the company’s website at

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