4TH ANNUAL VIA™ PAINT SERIES Celebrating Women’s Divine Feminine Energy

One of the most exciting brands this year is going from strength to strength and receiving massive exposure due to its success.

VIA™ GUATEMALA COFFEE, LLC & VIASWORLD, A company dedicated to Art, Fashion, and Music. VIA™ believes anything is possible after two successful high-end events in Lynn, Massachusetts, and Wakefield, Massachusetts, where her brand set a new standard in the Coffee business.

VIA™ GUATEMALA COFFEE is in higher demand than ever; The brand is selling out online and is being carried by multiple retailers, both small and large, in the United States; also, the brand is being shipped internationally to countries such as Dubai and Saudi Arabia, and South America, London, and France. With all the brand’s success, the local farmers in Guatemala, local orphans, and other organizations benefit from the massive sales and high demand for the product.

VIA™ is a world-renowned artist who has sold paintings and designed several business projects for major retailers, big box stores, music talent, and private sales. With Via Guatemala Coffee’s success and prosperity, VIA™ will never stop elevating to greatness. Her Artistic talent and passions still have her developing multiple art projects. VIA™ has an exciting new artistic project.

The new project is about empowering the woman’s feminine inner energy. As a woman’s instinct is a taboo secret, she should display or be proud of her internal physical attraction energy. In a world where women become mothers and work as professionals, they are told to hide their suggestive nature. When they become mothers, it’s like they need to forget how they even created their children in the first place.


VIA™ music style is like no other you have ever heard. Her style is a personification of her personality that delivers unique sounds that combine love, passion, and sophistication to the music business. VIA™ is also developing a self-entitled album where she writes and produces all the music.

VIA™ is setting a new bar in all these industries, along with her incredible journey to make it here. While working as the CEO of several companies and a culture innovator, VIA™ is also a single mother. This summer, her daughter graduated from Suffolk University in Boston.

One of the following cultural icons is Hilma Af Klint and Elizabeth Vigée Le Brun. Kayne West, Gloria Vanderbilt, Carolina Herrera, Coco Chanel, Janet Jackson.

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Phone: 617 207 4092
Address:75 State Street
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State: Massachusetts
Country: United States
Website: www.viaguatemalacoffee.com