$GULF Team Catches its Last Breath Before Releasing Very Soon 2 Considerable Projects: 2 Major Bull Runs in the Crypto World

$GULF Team has been building silently considerable projects that will be major milestones in its continuing road map of growth and development.

GULF Exchange aka GulfEx is getting ready to be released in its 1st version. The exchange platform was built to be user-friendly as well as it is equipped with high technical aspects and security schemes.

The major goal of the GulfEx is to bring fairness and accessibility to the financial system since the founder and team members believe everyone has the right to financial freedom which will eventually be a turning point in moving the world for the better.

The GulfEx will also be distinguished from other platforms by low fees, excellent customer service, and versatile funding options. The GulfEx will also be offering unique staking programs with a significant monthly return to its investors.

In parallel, a huge team of high-tech developers will be working behind the scenes to upgrade the platform to GulfEx PRO which will have more outstanding features.

The team is also putting their last touches before launching a one-of-a-kind application in the crypto world; an innovative Earning application that will enable its users to earn $GULF on daily basis under certain conditions and when meeting requirements. Also, a referral program will be available which will allow users to earn more $GULF by only sharing the application. This application can be considered a source of $GULF income for its users.

Under the umbrella of $GULF Earnings program, GUGU Money Maker APP will be the name given to this project and is assumed to bring huge brand awareness and expansion to $GULF as it is expected to catch the attention of 1 million active and genuine users.

The application will be fun, trendy, and easy to use for everyone; you just will be needing a mobile phone with an internet connection and a few minutes of your time to be able to benefit from this earning program.

Both projects will be released very soon while the team works nonstop on other exceptional projects to be launched at the right time. Top-notch programmers, high-quality standards, remarkable professionalism, and credibility have been the criteria we saw in the team members’ of $GULF and everyone is now eager to see this reflected on their projects.

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