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According to SBA 2021, a survey concluded that there are 32.5 million small businesses in the US alone. With this large number, we can estimate the abundance of entrepreneurs not just in the USA but around the globe. Each year, many individuals and groups step forward to start their businesses. Many of these start-ups are initiatives of great minds who are devoted to bringing change for themselves, their families, and their countries. However, they have to face several barriers on their paths to success. 

Unfortunately, sometimes these hurdles are so challenging that entrepreneurs abandon their dreams and hard work. One of the hardships they encounter at every level is the lack of recognition and marketing of their products and services. Indeed, the tremendous hard work, investment of money and time, and motivation are useless if the start-up is only accessible to a limited audience. For a business to prosper, it is crucial to market the product immensely and appropriately. Once it reaches its target audience, the real magic and success begin. Hence, a platform that can help these small businesses gain recognition and publicity would indeed be a blessing.

Global Business Pages is an establishment that aims to help these entrepreneurs to make a place for themselves in the national and international market. The business owners in developing and underdeveloped countries had to strive more than the ones in developed countries to mark their positions and make space for themselves. Despite all the efforts, they cannot stand out and make the most of their businesses.

Marketing and promoting such start-ups are not just beneficial for themselves or their families, but for the growth of their country’s economy, in general. These small businesses employ several employees who, in return, empower themselves and their respective families. Thus, a powerful medium that can help these entrepreneurs gain strength and the fame they deserve would be a valuable addition to their journey to success.

Subsequently, the campaign aims to raise $100,000 for Global Business Pages, which will be cautiously spent to hire skilled developers for their advertising application and create and publish marketing materials for the respective businesses.

This campaign calls on all global donors to contribute to this unique yet significant cause to help all the compassionate and zealous entrepreneurs worldwide.

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Global Business pages is an online marketing medium for all small businesses struggling due to less limelight and international recognition. The motive is to bridge a gap between all buyers and sellers by providing an affordable and straightforward informational database.

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