Changelly Times of TickDao: consensus circle, wallets provide the cohesion

To web3.0, web7.0.

The former bosses of Stephenson, the father of the metaverse, are the two richest men, Jeff Bezos and Musk.

All is ready except for the opportunity.

The Dao era has come.

“Humanity has entered the DAO era, and all this is inevitable.” Stephenson, the father of the metaverse, said.

The law of attraction, what kind of people attract what kind of people, and the secret of attraction spawns different user communities.

Walking with a handsome bird, it must be an eagle.

Humanity has entered the era of DAO, and all this cannot be avoided. Based on the various intelligent settings of the Metaverse, TickDao wallet provides the cohesion of the consensus circle, the consensus user base, and the determination of the development direction of the community.

Blockchain as a service, preset multiple chains and smart contracts, efficient micro-service technology framework, maximize seamless use, cross-chain transactions, chain tours, and rapid deployment of DApp services.

With five value reconstructions such as Blockchain, Security Provider, Multichain, Eventbus, Baas, etc., Ticktock wallet is wallet. The future has come, the change is imminent, and the wallet is also undergoing value reconstruction, from the traditional app to the butterfly change.

Changelly Times of TickDao:

consensus circle, wallets provide the cohesion

By/ Steven Yang

Decentralized Trading, Liquidity Gains: Favorite Coin-to-Fiat Flash Swap

One-click customized side-CO chain, the side chain supports Turing-complete smart contracts, and provides proprietary cross-chain and cross-contract technology to link the main chain and side chain together.

Whether it is contract assets on BSC or non-BSC assets, value transfer and exchange can be freely completed through the cross-chain and cross-smart contract technology in the TICKTOCK wallet.

The BSC developed by the world’s largest exchange Binance is a blockchain with financial attributes such as issuance, exchange, and value transfer of digital assets. It also has one-click configuration generation Turing completeness The function of the side chain allows enterprises to concentrate on their own business logic without worrying about numbers.

TSwap is a decentralized exchange that we provide users in the wallet. Anyone can pledge tokens to provide liquidity to obtain income. At the same time, the tokens supported in the wallet can be exchanged on this exchange.

Among them are the currency exchange and fiat currency exchange functions that are popular among users.

The goal is to develop user-friendly crypto-asset applications without having to delve into specific technical features and complex settings, which is what makes the Ticktock wallet unique.

After a year and a half of preparation, TSwap focused on liquidity and made full use of the high-speed public chain system on the wallet.

Freewallet is arguably a collection of security features, and that makes it one of the most secure wallets out there. User personal assets are stored in a secure offline wallet with advanced security features. It also has another security feature called Active Session Control. With this feature, Freewallet can intelligently analyze the activity behavior of each account (IP address, device type, usage patterns) to detect any suspicious activity and take proactive measures to prevent any theft and fraud.

On the basis of BSC, TICKTOCK wallet provides distributed computing power and distributed data interface for the digital assets of TICKTOCK wallet, which greatly enriches the practicability of blockchain.

In the digital age, security is king: a secure wallet is the first choice

Safety is the first choice. The wallet market is full of flowers. The popular European and American versions of freewallet and the Asian market have imtoken. wallet, Ticktock wallet, combines the advantages of freewallet and imtoken.

TickDao represents the cohesion of the user consensus circle within the TICKTOCK wallet.

The full name of “DAO” is Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which means “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”. It uses the online community as a carrier to aggregate and connect various Web3.0-related resources and provide support for Web3.0 entrepreneurship. Stimulating the activity of users and allowing all participants to gain something here are the core propositions of community operations, and DAO is no exception. “Autonomy” – community members take what they need on this platform, match resources, complete their own creations and realize them. This is the ideal state that DAO ultimately wants to achieve through the construction of the underlying mechanism.

In TickDao, we use TickDao to gather user consensus, determine the direction of community development, and achieve common goals while absorbing excellent users and resources.

Simple and easy to use, mobile web terminal: one of the most popular encrypted digital wallets

All is ready except for the opportunity.

Blockchain as a service, Ticktock wallet, preset multiple chains and smart contracts, efficient micro-service technology framework, maximum seamless use, cross-chain transactions, chain games, and rapid deployment of DApp services.

Freewallet is a simple and easy-to-use digital currency wallet created by an Estonian team in January 2016, including a mobile app version and a web page.

The Ticktock wallet was also completed by the British, German and Estonian teams across Europe after three years of development. It supports the storage of mainstream digital currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), EOS, and USDT. And management, powerful.

Imtoken is one of the most well-known wallets in Ethereum. Im token is a friendly wallet on the market compared to the ETH series of currencies. The full support for ERC20 currencies is indeed a highlight for veterans in the currency circle. The newly added TRC20 and other various Rich features. The interface is simple and easy to understand, and the functions are full of restraint.

Iterates from multiple perspectives such as the international version 2.0, and strengthens the completion of various wallets such as Bitcoin wallets.

The TICKTOCK wallet has a high-performance blockchain BSC that supports Turing-complete smart contracts.

The BSC Binance main chain is a non-Turing-complete smart contract, which is designed to provide secure financial services for digital assets, avoiding the huge security risks brought by Turing-complete smart contracts.

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