Aliver 2-in-1 Colour Changing Full Coverage Foundation Stick Becomes a Favorite of Top Makeup Influencers within a Few Days of Its Launch

The product comes with special introductory offers.

Aliver Cosmetics, a reputed cosmetics brand, recently launched a 2-in-1 colour changing full coverage foundation stick. The product has become a clear favourite of the top makeup influencers who enjoy a huge female fan following on the internet in a very short span of time. Aliver Cosmetics has been delivering exactly what they need to guide the makeup enthusiasts on the right path with the right product.

The brand has a whole new ensemble of makeup products lined up and the 2-in1 Colour Changing Full Coverage Foundation is right at the top, owing to its popularity. “We are always exploring to come up with a brand that is not only safe for the skin, but worth enough to make a woman look beautiful. This is the prime reason why every top makeup influencer is promoting the product. Plus, the Aliver Foundation is available at a very low price and that serves as an icing on the cake. Even the Aliver Wine Lip Tint is in vogue”, the Managing Director said.

She continued, “We have launched an extensive range of skin care, hair care, body care, nails care, and makeup collection products and we are glad that the popular makeup influencers who are sprucing up the internet today, have promoted them with utmost conviction. Our products are everywhere on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites and through them we can reach out to countless female consumers who love doing makeup or have a strong fan following on TikTok. Makeup influencers offer amazing out-of-the-box makeup looks, beauty hacks, as well as product reviews. Whenever they promote our product, it instils a sense of pride in us. We know that we are on the right path, preparing the right product.”

The Chief Executive Officer pointed out, “The Aliver 2-in-1 Colour Changing Full Coverage Foundation Stick is being lapped up within a few days of its launch and that’s good news. We have listed it at a price that’s extremely affordable. Aliver is also offering two deals. Our customers can avail either of them as per their convenience. We are thankful to the top makeup influencers who have played an important role in helping us catch the attention of the makeup enthusiasts and the internet celebs.”

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Aliver is a pioneer in the makeup and skincare industry. 

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