NYC Influencer Thiago Pereira connects readers with cosmopolitan vibes from around the world through CosmopoliTips.

The blog showcases Pereira’s latest adventures and discoveries worldwide, with a home base in New York.

NYC blogger Thiago Pereira is excited to take readers along on his adventures and discoveries across the globe. Through his blog, CosmopoliTips, Thiago showcases the latest destinations, new cuisines, culture, and more through photography, videos, and vivid descriptions for readers to explore. 

CosmopoliTips is a growing blog that translates the variety of his tastes into words for people to enjoy. With a home base in New York, CosmopoliTips spreads cosmopolitan vibes from around the world, detailing each experience in great detail.

Thiago began his journey as a blogger and influencer six years ago when he moved to New York to pursue his passion for travel and to discover new things, places, foods, and cultures. As he was getting acclimated to his new life in New York, he toured new places and attended parties, new restaurants, and more. People began asking him for recommendations for restaurants, parties, places to tour, and more. This led to the birth of his first blog, which later grew into what is today, CosmopoliTips.

Despite sounding like a straightforward journey to success, Thiago encountered many challenges. On top of dealing with people’s perception that blogging isn’t real work, he also had to fight through writer’s block. The past six years have been spent laying the foundation for his blog and influencer career. “I only noticed a difference after the pandemic. The restaurants and places in the city respect us more as influencers. But we must continue showing what we like to do with a lot of love.”

As a cosmopolitan guy in the big apple, every day is an adventure worth sharing, and the world is his oyster. Thiago creates content that connects people to brands, foods, new places, experiences, cultures, and more. When Thiago is not exploring the world and sharing his passion, he spends time with his family to recharge from the fast life of being an influencer and blogger.

Follow Thiago on his adventures through his Instagram for highlight reels and read the full story from CosmopoliTips.

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