ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE Provides Summer Exchange Programs for Students in the US

ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE, a reputable youth exchange program in the USA, provides summer exchange programs for students.

Standard educational practices and experiences help students develop themselves in many ways. ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE is a youth exchange program focused on helping students from different backgrounds and countries develop themselves through exposure to other cultures. The youth exchange program is coordinated and organized by Rotary International, a global network of individuals from different walks of life. These individuals believe that goodwill and peace all over the world can be achieved via humanitarian services. The platform consists of over 12 million members and 33,000 clubs all over the world. In their youth exchange programs, they have well-trained Rotarian volunteers who coordinate 10,000 student exchanges every year. Their Rotarian volunteers are committed to protecting every participating student, and they do not discriminate based on identity, religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.

In response to a query about their services, the spokesperson of ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE commented, “The programs we provide students are focused on helping them learn as much as they can, as they get to live in different communities and learn about different cultures. Our youth exchange programs are low-cost scholarship programs that are made to expose them to various traditions and people. Students get to develop themselves by learning new languages, understanding foreign cultures, and becoming global citizens within the program. We also ensure that they are safe and well-guarded although the time of the program, as we have our Rotarians, Rotarians’ spouses & partners, and other volunteers safeguard them from sexual, physical, and emotional abuse.”

ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE offers youth programs that are highly impactful. For instance, their foreign summer exchange program involves two families sending their children to be hosted in a foreign country by another family. This implies that the two families will be hosting one another’s children, and they are usually of the same age. Students will travel to another country and spend between three to four weeks with the family that will be hosting them. After this phase, the two students from both families will travel together to be hosted by the first student’s family, and the same goes for the second. It is a family-to-family exchange program, and those who would like to know how to study abroad in high school can visit ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE’s website.

The spokesperson added, “Our foreign summer exchange program, which is also known as the short-term summer abroad exchange program is provided specifically for students who enjoy adventure and are not really interested in spending all of their school year abroad. We provide this program strictly for students between the age of 15-19, and it ranges from several weeks to a few months. Just as the name reveals, it is a program that holds in the summer, and that is when school is not in session. The foreign summer exchange program cost is based on the district and country where students will have their exchange program.”

Parents and guardians can also reach out to ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE for more information about their youth exchange programs and how their children or wards can participate.


ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE is a reputable youth exchange platform providing summer exchange programs for students in US.     

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