Jose Alvardo is Expanding the business horizons for Content Creators

Jose Alvardo helps people learn how to work with brands without the need of a massive following

A content creator and influencer, Jose Alvardo, with the brand name ‘Yoursocialmediaguy’ is working with top-notch brands like Hello Fresh, Audible, Upstart, and Upside, among many others. These brand deals were made possible due to Jose’s family channel, The JAM Family – YouTube gaining a decent amount of followers on YouTube while also gaining some recognition on Instagram and TikTok. Now Jose is working on a course alongside his business partner Benny Soliven, teaching others how to sign brand deals without any management or followers on social media all while building a community to empower others.

All of this didn’t come easy for Jose, who came from La Mojonera Michoacan, a small village in the Sierra of Michoacan, Mexico, with only a population of 1500. Jose lost his brother at the age of 10 to Leukemia. Jose came from a broken home, so the boy from Michoacan had endured a lot of challenges at a young age, from having to wait outside churches alongside his mom to get free food, rent rooms from strangers, and even live in garages due to lack money and being raised by a single mother. Jose powered through life to become mentally unbreakable and relentless in pursuing his dream to change the course of his family’s legacy. It is a “pain turned into purpose” motto.

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Jose embarked on a journey from living a menial 9 to 5 to working with media companies and some of the most prominent artists, celebrities, professional boxers, beauty brands, high net worth individuals, and some of the top Latin social media influencers while also being signed under a management and working with many leading brands. Jose turned his passion for content creation into a life-changing career to become a role model for his community and provide for his kids (7-year-old Mila and two-year-old Aiden)

He was pursuing the dream of changing the course of his family’s legacy while changing the old-school mindset to empower the community and followers on social media. Now Jose has surpassed a following of over 220 thousand across all the social media platforms, this shows the journey has been a success, and Jose will use his platform to spread positivity and to help others break past mental barriers and pursue their true God-given purpose.

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About Jose Alvardo

Jose Alvardo, an influencer from a small village in the Sierra of Michoacan, came through many hardships but now is teaching upcoming content creators how to earn and work with top brands without having a following or management for social media.

Jose took a giant leap in his career four years ago and left the typical corporate job to chase the dream of being an influencer and content creator, now traveling all across the country creating content for high-net-worth individuals. He is about to introduce a course on user-generated content to teach monetization, creating content and working with brands without the need for a following. He wants to give the word “Influencer” a new purpose and will pave the way for others to do the same.

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