Aidan Sowa Instagram reaches over 7M followers

Aidan Sowa Instagram reaches over 7M followers

Aidan Sowa is the founder and CEO of  Sowa Marketing Agency, a Rhode Island-based company that helps entrepreneurs become industry leading authorities. Aidan founded the company soon after working with the MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge. Recently he has reached over 7M followers on Instagram.

Fox: What was the inspiration behind Sowa Marketing Agency?

Aidan Sowa: I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset, going back to at a young age I aspired to start a lemonade business. My main struggle was that I couldn’t come up with an idea for a business. I remember going to my Taekwondo classes and looking at the business and thinking just how cool it is to have a business. Soon enough, I had the idea of starting a marketing business to help some of my local businesses. At first, I was greatly focused on the lead generation side with Facebook ads and Facebook Messenger. However, I noticed the problem wasn’t generating leads for my clients. The problem was closing the leads. Soon enough I find myself learning about public relations and building connections with journalists. At first, it was press releases, but within a year I was connected to contributors at Forbes, Entrepreneur, Vogue and many authoritative news outlets. Over the years, I have expanded to have a team and get connected to top TV outlets and print media. This has helped our clients to get the press they really deserve. 

Fox: Has the business made you and your team grow closer?

Aidan Sowa: Running a business is always challenging. I think it’s made us closer in the sense of how much time we talk together and how much time we spend together. We have pushed through scams and many difficulties along the way.

Fox: What are your thoughts on Instagram’s algorithm and how it has affected influencers?

Aidan Sowa: I think it was just a matter of time for Instagram to become saturated the way it is today. For our clients, it is more of a landing page rather than a place to grow organically. We always tell our clients to go to TikTok and other newer platforms to grow organically. I like to think of Instagram as the modern day business card. In regards to Instagram adopting reels, I think this is Instagram’s last risky bet to try to stay relevant. They don’t want Instagram to become like Facebook. However, it is a risky move as they are alienating some of their users. 

Fox: What makes Sowa Marketing Agency different from other branding companies?

Aidan Sowa: We have personally gotten featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur and many news outlets for ourselves. We have over 10M followers across IG as a company. On top of this, I have a background with working with the MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge, so we know how to integrate “old school marketing” tactics into PR. The fact that I have over 7M followers and our company has over 2M followers is unlike any other company. We are also connected to more media outlets than other agencies and don’t make excuses.

Fox: What tips would you give those wanting to grow their business and social media presence?

Luke Lintz: Always look at social media from the user’s perspective in your industry. If we’re looking at Instagram, for instance, people go on to Instagram mainly to look at their Instagram stories and Instagram DMs for the most part, so you would want to spend the most time focused there. People use their Instagram profiles like  digital business cards. Your Instagram profile needs to look fantastic and as clean and precise as possible, so whenever somebody comes to the Instagram page, it looks perfect. You then apply those techniques on every single social media platform. So you should be focused on the end user and then looking at forum-specific content. Be careful when hiring an in-house social media team. Well, your social media is only as good as that one person who’s a part of your social media team, compared to if you’re hiring an agency where that’s their bread and butter. One individual is usually only really good at one social media platform. However, every social media platform is for a different audience, uses different types of content, and goes to a different demographic. You need to know what kinds of content each forum can relate to and how to edit that content. You also need to know how to post the content and how much you should post.

Fox: What is an inspirational quote that you live by? 

Aidan Sowa: “If you can’t you must, and if you must you can.”

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