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Ireland – The medical negligence claim solicitors is own and run by Susan Cosgrove. This medical negligence claim solicitor’s firm’s head office is situated in Fitzwilliam Street and has been serving its client for 18 years. The medical negligence claim solicitors have resolved many cases for its clients and brought them their medical rights. This is the reason people of Ireland has a great trust level on, The medical negligence claim solicitors.  

About Susan Cosgrove

Susan Cosgrove is the principle of Cosgrove Gaynard, a member of the law society of Ireland and owner of the medical negligence claim solicitors, she has more than 18 years of experience working in various practice areas of law including medical negligence law. The firm is comprised of exceptional lawyers with extensive experience and expertise in medical negligence law and the lawyers are very professional in service. The medical negligence claim solicitors are among the top medical negligence law firms in Ireland, serving clients across Ireland. 

“This website is run by Cosgrove Gaynard Solicitors who are well experienced in medical negligence claims and are best placed to offer you legal advice, opinion, and representation.”

Core Competencies and Services 

All the medical negligence claim matters are not very simple to deal, a bit mislead, and negligence can cause you to lose your basic medical rights and compensation. Therefore, it is quite important to hire medical lawyers who can fight for your rights in a professional manner and win your rights for you. Medical negligence claim solicitor’s lawyers are enough professional to deal your case on behalf of you for your medical rights. A professional expert team is always there for you 24/7. Medical negligence claim solicitors take great pride in protecting the client’s rights a committed and experienced team provide each of the client personal attention throughout the entire legal process.  listen carefully, advise without bias, and deliver effective solutions to meet clients’ goals. No matter what medical negligence problems you are facing.

Medical Negligence Cases Offered by medical negligence claim solicitors 

  • Accident and emergency injuries

  • Acquired brain injuries

  • Birth defects

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Clinical negligence

  • Cosmetic/plastic surgery errors

  • Defective medical products

  • Dental negligence

  • GP malpractice

  • Hospital-acquired infections

  • Medication errors

  • Oncology & cancer misdiagnosis

  • Surgical errors

Other Benefits for the Clients 

  • Free initial consultation without any upfront fee

  • Confidential case evaluation 

  • Most competitive fees in Ireland

  • 25 years’ experience with a solid reputation

  • A team of professional Solicitors

  • Arrange a consultation (24 hours)

  • Successful claims record

  • Nationwide Service (Ireland)

  • Member of Law Society of Ireland

Process of Initiating Your Claim

To begin a claim for medical negligence, contact with the team of professional lawyers at any time. Team provides a free initial consultation during which they will determine and investigate whether, you have a case and the potential value of your claim for compensation. Medical negligence claim solicitors might be able to get you interim compensation payments to aid in your recovery if the NHS or private healthcare provider in question admits fault early. In advance of your final compensation settlement, interim payments are issued, which can assist with some of the urgent costs of living and medical expenses you might be experiencing.

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