GNA Insurance successfully held 2022 Media Forum Conference | Multiple good news and multi-directional efforts

On September 30, 2022, GNA Insurance Corporation successfully held the 2022 Target Management and Media Forum Conference in Singapore, earnestly implemented the corporate spirit of GNA Insurance, published important content, and made detailed work on the completion of the company’s work summary in the first half of this year, and arrange the next step work.

Warm congratulations: GNA Insurance’s 2022 annual performance target has been exceeded ahead of schedule in September.

The 2022 full-year performance target of Singapore GNA Insurance Company has been exceeded ahead of schedule in September, and the 2023 full-year performance target will be set in early October. GNA Insurance adheres to the full implementation of the work requirements of value management, develops diversified development with high-value business as the guide, bases itself on the insurance market, operates in compliance with laws and regulations, and conducts various businesses in an orderly manner.

In the face of the difficulties brought about by the global epidemic, the company has worked together to overcome difficulties, forge ahead, and take multiple measures to promote business development. It has communicated with customers and actively developed the market, so as to achieve excellent performance and win the double recognition of the market and users. This is the full demonstration of the “GNA Spirit” and the fruit of the concerted efforts of all GNA Insurance employees.

Chinese mainland market is unprecedentedly hot, and the Shanghai office of GNA Insurance China is about to be completed.

Since the development of the Chinese mainland market in 2022 has far exceeded expectations, in order to provide more convenient and high-quality services to mainland Chinese customers, GNA Insurance will set up its first overseas office in Shanghai, China in 2023, and begin to deploy China Beijing, Shenzhen and other cities to establish more office planning.

The best choice for investment – GNA Insurance Dividend Fund will be released soon.

Singapore GNA Insurance is about to issue a dividend-sharing fund with a good governance structure, excellent profitability, and focus on shareholder returns. The biggest advantage is that it emphasizes the dividend rate of return and strives for quarterly dividends. In addition, under the good bond market, the credit risk will be strictly controlled in the initial stage, and on the basis of obtaining stable interest income and capital gains, the company will invest in corporate bonds with high credit quality and increase investment returns.

GNA Insurance policyholders will become shareholders of the GNA Insurance Dividend Fund, enjoying multi-channel income while enjoying investment diversity, truly becoming a community of interests of GNA Insurance, coexisting and developing together.

GNA Global Insurance is born for sports.

GNA global insurance is a benefit insurance, which uses various inverse score platforms to insure risks to obtain benefits. GNA data analysts are committed to the analysis of game data, and conduct in-depth analysis of each game every day. Customers through the company Daily recommended events are insured to earn profits. From 2017 to 2019, GNA Global Insurance Consulting has launched a total of 2,147 events, GNA rating revenue of up to SGD 49.88 million for customers.

Singapore’s GNA global insurance products have won the highest honor in the insurance industry – the IDA International Dragon Award.

As a matter of fact, GNA Global has clearly become the industry leader in the insurance field. With the advancement of the global layout of GNA Global Insurance, the global insurance has evolved from artificial prediction as the core to the execution algorithm as the core. Now, people will enter a new era, an era with GNA Global Insurance as the core. Welcome to GNA Global Insurance, the opportunity for wealth is coming!

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