The Catering Coach, Chef Tanya is Helping Families in the Kitchen

Everyone loves food, especially in the South! Atlanta’s Catering Coach, Chef Tanya is here to talk all things catering, food recipes, business, coaching and more! Chef Tanya can help families get ready for the holidays by preparing recipes, kitchen tips, and more!

Catering Coach, Chef Tanya is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and was a hair stylist for over 25 years. Chef moved to Atlanta to follow her dreams as being a chef because she was ready to have her passion be her purpose.

Owner and Head Chef of Pretti Plates Catering has had over 14 years of experience! In 2008 Pretti Plates was born with a niche of its own. “That niche was to represent all the women that came before me that were only able to share their culinary talents with their families and not the world because they were women.” Chef has established herself as the premiere catering in Atlanta from private celebrity parties, film production sets, luxury weddings, corporate sponsored events and more! Pretti Plates creates innovative southern cuisines and appetizers that are aesthetically pleasing, and taste even better! The catering menu accommodates all dietary needs and preferences for each client! Chef Tanya Chavis also has her own seasonings line that includes a seafood seasoning, a house blend, a vegetable blend and more! Chef Tanya is known for soulful eggrolls and lasagna cupcakes. When Chef is not catering, viewers can find her cooking in her restaurant in the Metro Atlanta area.

Pretti Plates has grown and becoming bigger everyday. In addition to her seasonings, Chef will be launching my first Eat Pretti cookbook and adding author to the bio. In the meantime, fans and patrons of the business will be watching Chef cook some fast, but tasting meals on her YouTube channel. With Catering Coach having over 23K followers on Instagram, Chef Tanya plans on continuing to educate men and women on how to create a balanced, but tasty meal on a budget.

Chef Tanya’s clientele list includes the NFL Superbowl in 2019, PGA Tour, City of Atlanta, Essence Fest, music artist Summer Walker, Delta, Samsung, Hilton Hotels, and many, many more! She has been featured on CNN, Essence Festival, Food Network, and more.

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