‘UnOrdinary Love’ A Film Exploring the Dynamics of a Love Triangle, Goes Big on The Peachtree Village International Film Screen

For Glass, the director of the film, the production of UnOrdinary Love is long overdue and is a testament to her exceptional ability and talent

Film festivals have long been acknowledged as communities and safe spaces for filmmakers of all levels and genres to network, share ideas, forge lasting connections, amplify underlying issues depicted in their films, exchange knowledge on film industry trends, and learn from one another. One such film festival creating this all-encompassing ecosystem is the Peachtree Village International Film Festival.

The Peachtree Village International Film Festival features some of the world’s greatest indie and mainstream films, alongside music and technology, placing them on a global stage where they have the opportunity to receive their flowers while raking in prizes and awards. The annual film festival awards over fifty thousand dollars in cash prizes, juicy contracts, and worldwide distribution to the winners in the feature-length, short film, music video, documentary, and screenplay categories.

This year, the romantic short film, UnOrdinary Love, directed by the talented Amanda Rosario Glass and written, produced, and co-directed by Curtis Brown, is privileged to be a finalist in the 17th Peachtree Village International Film Festival, which is set to take place in Atlanta, Georgia from the 3rd to the 6th of November, 2022. UnOrdinary Love also qualified as a finalist in the highly-competitive Jaro Short Film Competition, where the selected short wins a substantial cash prize and distribution on the Jaro Media platform.

The film, UnOrdinary Love, revolves around Patrick, who is torn between lust and love as he meets the love of his life, Violet, while he tries to survive in a toxic relationship with his girlfriend, Livie. The film presents the struggles of a man who has to make a choice and fight for true love, featuring a stellar cast that includes the likes of Amanda Rosario Glass, Valeka Jessica, Steve Lock Franks, and Autumn Monroe, to mention a few. 

“As a co-director, writer and producer on this great project I had an opportunity to work with a very talented cast and crew.  I’m elated about our end result with this film.  Being a finalist at PVIFF this year and in the PVIFF-Jaro Shorts Competition is an amazing feat.  We hope to do well and create many more great projects in the near future, said Brown (Co-Director/Writer/Producer). 

While UnOrdinary Love premieres on the 4th of November at 12:30 pm, the screening will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel at Villa Christina, 4000 Summit Blvd NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30319. Movie enthusiasts between the ages of 25 and 55 are sure to be thrilled by this short film as it incorporates themes and a storyline that resonates with the community.

For more information, please visit www.watchjaro.com or www.pviffatl.com

About Amanda Rosario Glass

Director of UnOrdinary Love, Amanda Rosario Glass, is the founder of the renowned Atlanta-based production company, Nice but Feisty LLC, and is the epitome of doggedness, enthusiasm, and friendliness. The business-minded director has been writing poetry and short creative stories from a young age, moving to Atlanta where she earned her degree in business and began her modeling career.

After her stint in the modeling industry, Amanda Rosario Glass set her sights on acting, where she earned supporting roles in several film and television productions. The only way for Glass was up, as she became an associate producer on some independent film projects, going on to produce her show, alongside other projects.

About Curtis Brown

Co-Director of UnOrdinary Love, Curtis Brown is originally from Rockland County, New York and now living in Atlanta Georgia.   Curtis Brown entered the entertainment industry as a recording artist/ songwriter. Brown has provided imaging consulting for celebrities through the NBA. This led to networking and working with television and film producers on several independent projects in Atlanta. With hands-on experience ranging from Production Assistant, Key Grip, Writer, Producer, and Director on dozens of independent film projects, he founded and is CEO of Global Media Savant (GMS). GMS is a privately held media company with a focus on producing independent films, television and digital content. GMS is now developing television series, films, music videos and documentaries.

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