Young Author And Entrepreneur Alessandro Concas Releases New Children’s Book Series – Life of the Time Cat

Young Author And Entrepreneur Alessandro Concas Releases New Children’s Book Series - Life of the Time Cat
Life of the Time Cat series by Alessandro Concas
Join the exhilarating journey through time and space as Time Cat tries to protect the universe from dark forces.

Life of the Time Cat: Rise of Catastrophyre

Life of the Time Cat: Warning of the Ultimate Element

The ongoing series of books focuses on the “Time Cat,” a proclaimed owner/protector of space who vows revenge so he can secure his universe.

Alessandro Concas is a budding entrepreneur. He is the son of Oksana® Kolesnikova, an award-winning pianist who dynamically transitioned to the CEO of 3 successful ventures. Born in 2009 and bred in a family of talented individuals, Alessandro’s own talent and extraordinary capabilities come as no surprise. Alessandro’s first achievement was learning alphabets backward at just the age of 2, and within the span of 3 years, he also started piano lessons under his mother’s supervision, thus becoming quite the pianist himself. These achievements are proof of his creativity and outstanding learning ability.

Alessandro’s entrepreneurial career began at the age of 8 when he wrote his first book, The A to Zs of Fighting Boredom. As the title suggests, the book includes different fun activities to keep children engaged and active. The book came about randomly when Alessandro himself was quite bored. In his exact words, “One day, during a summer break, I found myself feeling quite bored, and that’s when I came up with the idea of The A to Zs of Fighting Boredom. At first, my dad didn’t take me seriously, but when he saw all my notes and drawings for the cover, he believed me and decided to help me put it all together.”

Alessandro further added through this book, he aims to not only help children like him in making their free time productive and fun but also use the proceeds from the book to contribute to welfare organizations and fund his college education. This is quite impressive coming from an 8-year-old who is still in elementary school and whose parents can easily fund his education. It actually shows the sense of responsibility instilled by Alessandro’s parents since he was small. The book was well-received by the crowds and it was at this time that the little lad fell in love with entrepreneurship and decided to pursue it as his career.

Currently, Alessandro is a student at Rio Norte Junior High in Valencia, California. Although his favorite subjects are science and math, he’s a straight-As student who has managed to excel in every subject. Yet, Alessandro takes out time for his hobbies, extra-curricular activities, mastering Italian, and his business ventures. He recently worked with his mother’s company, Oksana Management Group, to spearhead a new After School Enrichment Program, Financial Literacy for Children and Teens. The program aims to empower the upcoming generation by teaching them the fundamentals of finance and entrepreneurship.

Along with being a full-time student, Alessandro is also working on one of his main projects, Life of the Time Cat, a series of sci-fi books featuring his real-life pet cat Bijou as the main character and source of inspiration. The young entrepreneur also has plans to turn this book series into a movie series in the future. A skilled musician, he even created the soundtrack for the trailer of Life of The Time Cat book.

For now, Alessandro is in talks with the management of Costco and Walmart, two of the largest supermarket chains in the U.S, to sells his books at their branches nationwide.

And that’s not it – even after attending school and pursuing different ventures, Alessandro still makes time for his hobbies, such as learning new languages. He’s already well-versed in English, and is now becoming fluent in Italian. Alessandro is a big Elon Musk fan and hopes to meet him one day soon in person.

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