Indian Visa for Brazil and Chinese Citizens

Indian Visa for Brazilian Citizens

A trip to India is on many people’s wish list and in the case of Brazilian citizens, they can achieve this goal by simply applying for an Indian e-Visa online. Today, more than 150 countries including Brazil are eligible for the Indian e-Visa. The Indian government has taken steps since November 2014 to make it easier for tourists, business people or people seeking short-term medical assistance to enter the country. The Indian e-Visa is an official document that allows Brazilian citizens to enter and travel within the country. This permit is also known as India Electronic Travel Authorization which can also be issued to people visiting friends and relatives.


The India Tourist e-Visa is a special document that the Government from this country launched in order to allow certain citizens to enter the border properly.


  • A passport with at least six months’ validity at the time of making their application
  • A return or onward journey ticket plus sufficient funds to sustain themselves through the duration of the journey are required
  • A recent front-facing photograph with a white background.
  • Scan of the passport page containing personal details like name, nationality, date of birth, date of expiry, and other vital personal details
  • Means of payment – You can use a credit or a debit card, and since Paypal has become quite popular, you can use that as well.

Indian Visa for Chinese Citizens

India is a land of infinite beauty with the Himalayan mountains, the amazing backwaters of Kerala, the most impressive cave paintings and white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Traveling to India has become very easy and straightforward since the launch of e-Visa in 2014. Currently, citizens of 166 countries can fill out the online application form from the comfort of their own homes, including citizens of China. Chinese citizens require a visa before traveling to India. For the purpose of visiting, there are three main categories of visas that travelers can apply for: tourist visa, medical visa and business visa. Indian visa application is mandatory for Chinese citizens.

Required Documents for Getting the Indian Visa for Chinese Citizens

  • Passport, at least six months of remaining validity from the date of intended arrival
  • Scanned bio page of passport showing clear photography and personal details (name, date of birth, nationality, expiry date, etc.)
  • Recent front facing photography with a white background
  • You can use a Debit or credit card for the visa fee payment
  • A Valid email address to receive the e-Visa.

Transit Visa for India

Most foreign nationals are required to apply for a visa to visit India, regardless of the length of stay or purpose of travel. Bhutan and Nepal are the only two countries allowed to enter India without a visa for an unlimited period of time. A transit visa is issued for the sole purpose of enabling the visa holder to travel through India to reach their final destination. Most foreigners are required to apply for a visa to visit India, regardless of the length of stay or reason for travel. India visa regulations state that all non-visa-exempt travelers transiting through an Indian airport for more than 24 hours or intending to leave the transit area of ​​the airport are required to have a transit visa through India.

What are the requirements for applying for an India Transit Visa

  •  Passport valid for a minimum of 180 days with at least two blank pages.
  • Pay visa fee
  • Two recent passport size photo
  • Duly filled Online Application Form with signatures.
  • Evidence of onward travel to India – confirmed air ticket for onward/returned journey.

India transit visa eligibility

You should apply for an India transit visa if you need to leave the restricted area of ​​the airport, even for a short time. Individuals staying in India less than 72 hours awaiting a connecting flight to another country are eligible for an India Transit Visa whether they have changed airports or not. India Transit Visa is required and verified when transferring from an international airport to a domestic airport or even staying at the airport hotel for a few hours.


Emergency eVisa is available for genuine cases of sudden and unforeseen emergencies such as serious illness or death of a family member, urgent court summons from India or any other valid emergency situation that requires your presence in India. get an emergency visa. We can help you complete your emergency request, submit the relevant documents and provide the reasons why your request should be treated as an emergency. You will quickly receive your travel authorization.

Requirements for applying for an emergency Indian visa

  • A copy of your passport 
  • Your passport should have at least two blank pages and a copy of the first page
  • you must provide a recent color passport photo 


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