GoLoveCare.com Unveils Essential Fitness Facts about Year-Round Health

Love Care is a blog dedicated to wellness, beauty, cosmetics, and personal care. One of its latest blogs touches on some of the most important fitness facts that benefit health.

Fitness is tightly connected to health, and some of its elements can be leveraged to improve and maintain health throughout the year. Love Care, distinguished wellness and personal care blog recently touched on the most crucial fitness facts that fitness enthusiasts can use to improve their health. 

Love Care’s experts imparted that “Cardio alone cannot make you lose weight,” hinting that practicing cardio exercises exclusively can damage muscle tissue, which is needed to burn fat throughout the day. The blog’s writers stated that reinforcing the training regime with strength exercises can accelerate the fat-loss process by strengthening the muscle tissue. 

One of the most important facts about fitness is that listening to music while exercising is known to increase workout performance by a whopping 15%, according to National Center for Health Research). 

The body requires an average of eight weights to adjust to an exercise program. Research conducted by Ace Fitness indicates that the “adaption phase” can last between four to sixteen weeks, depending on several factors such as the person’s physical condition and stamina. 

“Hydration is crucial,” Love Care’s experts said, stating that “Dehydration reduces the body’s ability to regulate heat, which can increase your heart rate and temperature and make you feel tired during exercise.”

For each pound of gained muscle, the body burns 50 additional calories daily. This piece of information is essential to athletes that need to remain nimble while working on improving their strength. 

Another critical fact that many experienced athletes and bodybuilders know is that regular exercise can significantly reduce symptoms of anxiety. This has been chemically proven in various studies, as endorphins are released into the body when a certain level of pressure is exerted, which leads to a calmer, more tranquil state. 

According to Love Care’s experts, people who exercise regularly tend to be in a better mood. Again, this was proven to be true in a multitude of studies during which the participants felt significantly reduced symptoms of depression and stress. Consequentially, the participants experienced improved self-esteem as their bodies underwent highly positive physical transformations. 

One of the more alarming facts Love Care wanted to emphasize is that people who don’t exercise may lose 80% of their muscle mass and strength before the age of 65. This condition is called “sarcopenia,” which is commonly followed by symptoms and conditions such as muscular dystrophy or polymyositis. 

Love Care’s experts point out that “exercising for as little as ten minutes will make all the difference,” stating that a ten-minute exercise of running or jogging can raise heart rate and maintain strong physical fitness levels. 

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