Sleep Expert Teresa DeNike Promotes Self-Help for Sleep Health

Sleep coaching and online programs improves access to accurate information, guidance, and healthcare options for better sleep

We all sleep, but some of us are not very good at it. Some of us have accepted exhaustion as a part of adulthood, without knowing how or when to get help. The expansion of sleep coaching and self-paced online programs can change all of that.

Lebron James, Tom Brady, Jennifer Lopez, Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg have all attributed quality sleep as a key factor in their success. While we don’t all have the same resources as these people, the benefits of good sleep are increasingly of interest to people across all walks of life. Since the pandemic and The Great Resignation, we are normalizing conversations around quality of life, mental health, and sleep. If you spend any time on social media, it’s likely that you’ve seen memes about sleep, and advertisements for sleep supplements and gadgets.

So what’s with this sleep obsession?

Without any shred of a doubt, sleep health is intertwined with mental health. Often, improving someone’s sleep is more about the enhancements in their quality of life when they are awake. Research proves that sleep deprivation can make you forgetful, more emotionally reactive, and less likely to make logical decisions. Untreated Insomnia leads to absenteeism in the workplace, and untreated sleep apnea is a leading cause of fatal motor vehicle accidents.

Teresa DeNike of Sleep Better NYC knows this all too well- she spent many years in the clinical setting. She knows about sleep research and has witnessed testing and treatment options evolve to become more comfortable and effective. Through countless conversations with family, friends, and clients, she unfortunately realized that few people even know these options exist.

Like millions of other sleepy Americans, they waste money on supplements, bedding, and sleep trackers without understanding the root cause of their sleepiness, or how to improve it.

This explains why self-paced online courses are growing in popularity. They can arm you with the information you need to take control of your sleep health. Teresa emphasizes the importance of educating yourself from qualified sources. Sleep science and technology evolve quickly, and well-intentioned tips from an unqualified provider are not going to cut it. When it comes to your medical care providers, trust your instincts when you feel that something isn’t right. Sleep can affect every aspect of your physical and mental health, and if your doctor doesn’t take you’re your sleep concerns seriously- find someone else!

There are thousands of board-certified sleep specialists across the country, and many of them are available virtually. Unfortunately, it can often be a long and complicated process to get the sleep help you need without support and guidance. The right information about your options and the process can help get you help sooner. Now, Teresa’s team at Sleep Better NYC offers this information in their affordable online programs, which can be found at

If you’re looking to gain control of your own health and well-being, start with sleep, and start now.

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