@Healing by Han – Relations Between Rose Quartz & Zodiac Signs – What Kind of Pink Crystal Suits Different Signs?

Healing crystals, meditation, and aromatherapy have been increasingly accepted as methods of stress relief and self-exploration. Among all the healing crystals, rose quartz, contains the energy of love and charm, is one of the most popular healing crystals.

However, for some zodiac signs, rose quartz may lead to increased emotional and stress levels. What are the causes of this phenomena? An incorrect energy state, an uncleaned gemstone, or even a fake crystal?

Astrologically, this is the soul’s perception of energy. Let’s start with the rose quartz:-

1. Which zodiac signs are suitable for rose quartz?

Rose quartz is the healing crystal that corresponds to the heart chakra and provides the positive energy for love, charm, communication, and relationships. Rose quartz restores the pink aura in a gentle and emotional way. Therefore, for Fire Signs & Earth Signs, rose quartz is a good choice to help with charm-increasing & the magic of love.

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2. Which zodiac signs are recommended to use other pink crystals to substitute the rose quartz?

Water Signs – Cancer & Pisces, are emotional and introverted. For these two signs, “love” should begin with understanding and caring for oneself, making oneself strong and rational enough before loving others. Or, Cancers & Pisces are prone to self-doubt. So, the rose quartz with the energy for making people emotionally rich is not recommended for these two signs.

Air Signs – Geminis are yearning for freedom and changeable, which leads to a relatively unstable emotional state. Therefore, Gemini’s emotional instability may be exacerbated by the use of rose quartz for emotions and perception.

3. Are there any recommended substitutions?

Rhodonite – as one of the strongest pink crystals for love, the healing energy of rhodonite is also derived from the heart chakra. The difference is, the love starts with respect and acceptance for oneself, then gradually increase the pink aura of tenderness and love for others. So, rhodonite is a good option for Cancers & Pisces to be charm & full of strong love.

Strawberry Quartz – similar to a rhodonite, the energy of love contained in strawberry quartz is first to enhance the self-understanding of love, and guide people to love and heal firmly and continuously, therefore, it is recommended to Geminis for love & charm.

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