Steel Ships offering all-in-one ship owning solutions to address global supply chain bottleneck

Steel Ships is supporting logistics companies to beat supply chain disturbance through comprehensive ship designing, owning, and management services.

Hong Kong – October 04, 2022 – Talk about the most glaring problems of the global logistics industry and long-standing supply chain bottleneck is sure to be on the top list. Worse, the disturbed supply chain is further escalating the problem of inflation around the world.  However, there seems to be a ray of light. Hong Kong-based Steel Ships is helping to address the problem of global supply chain bottleneck through all-in-one ship owning solutions for the logistics and front runners in Supply Chain business.

A name of great repute in the worldwide logistics scene, Steel Ships is a leading global ship building project management company. The company is currently extending a comprehensive ship owning service to logistics companies that will help them with complete solutions at every step of the process of ship owning and management, including ship design, ordering, ship management, as well as route optimization and management assistance. One of the major USPs of Steel Ships’ new ship owning service is that the company is focused on supporting clients with eco-friendly ship construction to ensure protection of the environment.

The new ship owning service is available for supply chain companies in the Far East, the USA, and Europe.

One of the major reasons behind the ongoing supply chain bottleneck is the serious shortage of ships around the world. The problem has prompted Steel Ships to launch ship owning services to mitigate shortage of ships that would eventually help to create a seamless and unperturbed flow in supply chains all around the world.

(In Frame: Dr. Ranjan Varghese)

Per the statements of Dr Ranjan Varghese, the CEO of Steel Ships, supply chain companies and retailers are in dire need of an efficient and credible solution that can help them to achieve smooth supply chain processing and combat inflation. Ship Steel’s cutting-edge automation, AI learning, as well as state-of-the-art data science capabilities are equipped to tackle one of the dire retail challenges experienced today- improvement of on-shelf availability and reduction of labor burden, whilst ensuring protection of the environment.

“Logistics and Supply Chain providers have sought a solution for decades to have complete control on their cargo delivery requirements be it in containers, in bulk or in Oil and Gas. Having total shipbuilding, ship owning, and ship management operations supported by one demand forecast and ordering system is paramount to retailer success going forward,” says Dr Ranjan Varghese.

A visionary in all-in-one ship owning project management for over 30 years, Steel Ships holds extensive experience in zero emission concepts, Carbon Neutral concepts and other statutory compliance required in owning and managing ships as per industry standards. The company is driven by the mission to combine their industry-leading and award-winning capabilities with logistics companies to resolve inflation-related plight triggered by supply chain issues.

“With Steel Ships’s expertise this will make that happen to ease the worldwide supply chain bottlenecks.” 

“Steel Ships has always shared the Steel Ships vision of a single point ship owning experience right from the initiation of shipbuilding. It’s time this vision becomes a reality to address the global retail industry’s supply challenges,” explains Dr Ranjan Varghese. “Connecting centre shipbuilding, ship management operations and eCommerce fulfillment is the game-changing innovation retailers and logistics providers need to compete.”

About Steel Ships

One of the esteemed names in the global ship building project management scene, Steel Ships has been providing smarter, simplified, and more connected solutions to ship and cargo owners all around the world. The company stands tall with a huge network of 75+ shipyards located in several countries to ensure prompt and on-time delivery of ships.

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