DoodlinTown.OMG Offers Creator’s Fee Amid NFT Project Crisis

DoodlinTown is a collection of 10,000 NFTs created and developed by HAU538, a Mexican Digital Art House.

The reason behind the flop of NFTs and crypto is open to speculation. Some believe it was the lack of barriers of entry to the space that made it approachable to firms conducting poor business practices while others believe that the crypto space was oversaturated with seemingly identical projects building up hype for hype’s sake. The fact remains that the monthly sales on OpenSea nosedived by nearly 80% since their peak in January 2022, plummeting to a monthly volume of barely above $500 million. 

Against all odds, a new crypto project called DoodlinTown.OMG came to the scene to create a bridge of trust between non-fungible tokens and investors, NFT collectors, and crypto-curious individuals. The project was brought to the market by HAU538, one of the fastest-growing premier art houses in Southern America. 

HAU538 is a Mexican-based digital art house, as well as the creator, developer, and founder of the DoodlinTown.omg project. Founded in June 2022, HAU538 climbed the ladder leading to household names in digital art mere months after its initial launch. 

HAU538 is home to dozens of digital art creators, administrators, investors, and collaborators and is on a mission to salvage the tarnished reputation of crypto and NFTs by delivering a value-packed offering. Today, HAU538 has been adorned with several accolades with the most notable being the Top Employer certification and the distinction for a socially responsible company. 

One of DoodlinTown.OMG’s co-founders Miguel Angel Guzmán imparted that the project’s vision is to bring the benefits of project governance to the table, stating the following:

“The main idea to develop this project was the need to find a way to make each holder also a founder of the project. I realized that being a founder is a great responsibility. However, what everyone really wants is not so much to be a founder or owner of an NFT collection but rather to make quick, almost random financial gains,” said Miguel Angel. 

Mr. Guzman is a Mexican real estate entrepreneur and sits at the helm of DoodlinTown.OMG. Instead of working on aesthetics or creating a buzz in the crypto space, DoodlinTown.OMG is laser-focused on providing utility-packed advantages to its holders. Miguel Angel continued:

“The backbone that allows DoodlinTown to fulfill its purpose is that each Doodlin NFT has a simple and easy utility, which entails that 50% of what is raised in the mint will be divided between eight holders.”

Miguel Angel and the HAU538 team are on a mission to form a deeper connection with investors and NFT collectors. DoodlinTown.OMG recently launched its whitepaper, which enabled all potential investors to learn what DoodlinTown.OMG is about, what it offers, and everything about its plans.

More information about DoodlinTown.OMG is available on the company’s official Twitter profile.

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