Pandemic Surviving Comedy With Lauded Cameos By Kelly Le Brock and Burt Young “TOMORROW’S TODAY” Now Among Top New Streaming Releases on Amazon Prime, Plex, AppleTV and More

Pandemic Surviving Comedy With Lauded Cameos By Kelly Le Brock and Burt Young "TOMORROW'S TODAY" Now Among Top New Streaming Releases on Amazon Prime, Plex, AppleTV and More
Director Timothy Hines’ highly anticipated comedy TOMORROW’S TODAY with lauded cameos by Kelly Le Brock (WEIRD SCIENCE, WOMAN IN RED) and Burt Young (Sly Stallone’s ROCKY series), about two lovable grifters who accidentally rob the fierce mobster they owe gambling debts to, is now streaming on major platforms around the world. TOMORROW’S TODAY is already among the Top New Streaming Movies available on Plex, Amazon Prime Video, AppleTV, Roku, Box Brazil Play, Mometu and more.
Timothy Hines’ awarding-winning crime comedy TOMORROW’S TODAY with lauded cameos by superstar Kelly Le Brock (WEIRD SCIENCE) and Oscar nominee Burt Young (Sly Stallone’s ROCKY series) is one of the movie productions that survived through the Covid-19 pandemic and is now among the Top New Streaming Movie Releases this week.

Above: Dazzling superstar Kelly Le Brock returns to the big screen as “Donna” in Timothy Hines’ TOMORROW’S TODAY comedy film that is now a Top New Steaming Movie on Amazon Prime Video, AppleTV, Plex, Mometu and more.

Among the Top New Streaming Movie Releases this week is TOMORROW’S TODAY, the long awaited comedy film from Timothy Hines whose cast members include special cameo performances from international superstar Kelly Le Brock for whom the term “supermodel” was termed, and Academy Award nominee Burt Young who played “Paulie” in Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Films Franchise. TOMORROW’S TODAY is Now Streaming on Major Platforms including Amazon PrimeVideo, AppleTV, Plex, Mometu, SheinTV, FreebieTV, CynemaTV, Roku, TubiTV, Box Brazil Play and more.



TOMORROW’S TODAY is a “hilarious” crime comedy about two lovable grifters who rob a liquor store to pay a gambling debt to a frightening mob boss only to find out the liquor store they rob is owned by the mobster. Critics have called the movie “Hilarious” and “Comedy Gold”.

“This comedy, about how sometimes the underdog wins, I think is exactly the comic relief people need right now,” states executive producer Dominick Martini, the man behind championing TOMORROW’S TODAY through the tough pandemic times, in a recent interview.


Above: Executive producer Dominick Martini and cast member Oscar nominee Burt Young who plays Luca on the set of TOMORROW’S TODAYMovie star Burt Young played brother-in-law and best friend Paulie Pennino to Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa  in the ROCKY film series.

“I couldn’t be happier about the audience response to the movie. It is such a privilege to engage people, to give them a laugh and make them feel good, escpecially in these trying times. I’m also very pleased with the foreign language subtitles on TOMORROW’S TODAY. I come from a large Italian family and we’ve had a blast watching the film in Italian. It’s doubly funny that way,” Martini laughs.


Above: Celebrity Tom Hardy and TOMORROW’S TODAY star Annunziato Carbone whose character Tommy G. constantly compares himself to the British movie star.

“Dom is so right,” adds producer Susan Goforth, “It’s hard to believe TOMORROW’S TODAY had initially been planned for a December 2019 release date, but there were so many factors that pushed the film’s planned opening to the Spring of 2020. And then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and, boom!, every movie was held back as theaters across the globe and the US closed, and there was a great re-shuffling of things and then a re-commitment to great storytelling.”

Above: Kelly Le Brock gives an award-winning cameo performance as Donna in the new comedy TOMORROW’S TODAY now streaming.

Goforth pontificates, “Seriously, it’s pure joy to see the numbers and know our comedy is connecting with people’s funny bones; people are talking about the film, sharing it and really liking it. Timothy Hines’ vision and Dominick Martini’s perseverance, all of the filmmakers, everyone involved got on the journey until TOMORROW’S TODAY made audiences laugh as well as be emotionally moved. It was an epic challenge to get TOMORROW’S TODAY release to be just right, so we couldn’t be happier that all this hard work paid off giving people lots of laughs and a great entertaining experience.”

Above: Maedi, Sandy Chila and Susan Goforth created the feel-good song-of-the-year theme song “Tomorrow’s Today” for the feature comedy TOMORROW’S TODAY.


Listen to the movie’s theme song TOMORROW’S TODAY on SPOTIFY here: 

Director Timothy Hines says about the film, “We are so pleased the film has been received with so much love. Thank you to all the fans who have watched and shared the film. We are all so happy to make you laugh and feel good.”

Above: Dave Morrissey Jr. (Shakes), Annunziato Carbone (Tommy G.) and Greg Kritikos (Charlie Boy) star in Timothy Hines’ TOMORROW’S TODAY now among the Top Streaming Comedies on Amazon Prime, AppleTV, Plex, Mometu and more.

Below: Joanne Scorcia plays Arriana, a single mother raising her son Leo, (George N. Mikedis), who grifter conman Charlie Boy befriends and fortuitously endangers in Timothy Hines’ comedy TOMORROW’S TODAY.

The cast of TOMORROW’S TODAY is lead by Joanne Scorcia, Dave Morrissey Jr., Annunziato Carbone, Greg Kritikos, Heather Cole, Teddy Smith, Colin Buckingham, Adam Gabel, Pascal Yen-Pfister, Domenico Del Giacco, Dave Cremin, Mamiko Nakatsugawa, Giovanni Celentano, Dominick Martini, Nicky Sunshine, Dino Castelli and George N. Mikedis.

TOMORROW’S TODAY comedy movie is 83 minutes long in English with English Closed Captions and is subtitled in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

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