Tauros DAO Becomes a Part of Labyrinthine Unreal, One of the Largest Projects In the Crypto Space

TaurosDAO is an exclusive community of artists and collectors founded in January 2022 by Labyrinthine Unreal.

Value is everything to crypto and NFT holders and enthusiasts. Some derive it from beautiful aesthetics or rarity, others from exclusive access and utility. Tauros DAO consolidated all four of the most sought-after benefits of crypto under one umbrella. 

Tauros DAO is an exclusive community where some of the most brilliant minds in crypto art meet. It was designed to provide its members with a unique gamified experience, a platform to enjoy gorgeous digital art, and a space to meet, interact, and enjoy this virtual space with others. 

This decentralized autonomous organization can be accessed with a Tauros Membership Card, which also grants a chance to enter the lustrous Merca City, one of the integral parts of the Labyrinthine Unreal metaverse. 

One of the reasons why Tauros DAO reached global acclaim merely months after its launch is that it brought some of the best Web3 digital artists into the fold of its platform. With its innovative NFT galleries, this new way of art enabled Tauros DAO members to both showcase their art and interact with a massive body of collective work crafted by other digital creators. 

Merca City is an open-world Metaverse and real-time strategy online game Tauros DAO members can enjoy and find potential collaborators in. What separates it from contemporary art-driven metaverses is its rapid growth potential; as an artist-exclusive community, each Tauros DAO member contributes by merely being present in this space while the majority of artists work on at least one project within the confines of the enormous Merca City. 

Recently Tauros DAO partnered with Unstoppable Domains, another giant company in the crypto and NFT space providing domain names where users may send and receive payments. Unstoppable Domains brings new use cases to Web3 games and the crypto gaming community, connecting identities across Web3 by using NFT Domains instead of unreadable wallet addresses.

More information about Tauros DAO is available on the project’s official Twitter profile.

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