“Do Your Best” – An Inspiring Must-Read Book Delivering Message Of Never Giving Up And Believing In Oneself Despite The Odds

“Do Your Best” uncover a one of a kind story about the will, perseverance, and power of a young African boy as he overcomes obstacles that come his way to become the successful soccer player he always wanted to be.

An inspiring tale about perseverance, courage, and faith, “Do Your Best” book tells the story of Negus from Ethiopia who, despite many overwhelming obstacles from lack of resources to severe health issues, never stopped trying to achieve his goal of becoming a professional soccer player. The book’s message is persistence and hope – to do one’s best and believe in oneself.

Inspired by true events, the book uncovers the life story of Negus in a motivating manner. With all of the negative in the world, this uplifting book serves as a reminder that one can do their best despite the odds being stacked against them. The book will help readers understand that no matter what obstacles are in their way, all it takes is “One Dream, One Goal, and One Heartbeat” to reach their destiny.

Negus’s story is not a tragedy but a triumph, from raising his younger brother and sister in a remote area of Africa to struggling with epilepsy. He leaves the reader with hope that they can do something positive despite seemingly impossible obstacles in their way. Although Negus experienced severe epilepsy and had much trouble learning, he was an extremely gifted soccer player and wanted to become a professional soccer player so he could impact the lives of others by supplying nets and balls to impoverished areas of Africa.

When asked about the storyline, the author Patricia Kloehn said, “Do Your Best is a story of Negus, a young, courageous boy who never gives up even when faced with hardships, challenges, and difficulties. If you ever felt like giving up, Negus’s story is the one that would give you the courage to fight for your dreams. By sharing Negus’s many trials and tribulations, you will be reassured that sometimes the things in life we worry about or have no control over do not matter once we reevaluate our “best” and do our best every day. My book shows how to use the power of self-motivation and believing in yourself to overcome obstacles you may face.”

Negus’ story inspires others to never give up on their dreams. Negus’s dream of providing nets and soccer balls for those in Africa lives on through his nonprofit organization, Save the Ball, Soccer for Africa, Inc.

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