Kentucky Freshman Linebacker Edward “ED” McKee

Edward McKee is a football player that suffered an Achilles tendon injury a week before playing his first game for Kentucky. McKee said he will come back stronger

American Football is a dangerous sport, and even a minor injury can ruin a person’s career and dreams. That was not the case for Edward “Ed” McKee, who vowed to return to the field sporting a Kentucky dress next season after a critical injury occurred merely a week before his first game.

Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, Edward McKee played football ever since he was in kindergarten. He was fascinated with Lawrence Taylor “The Goat” and wanted to follow in his footsteps. Ed set out to pursue his dreams of playing D1 football as a child, and during his freshman years, he had an opportunity to realize them.

As a freshman, Ed was the 12th best linebacker state-wide while also showcasing his proficiency as a baseball player. Edward McKee played for All Saints Episcopal School, where he was coached by Aaron Beck and later Kyle Brey. In 2020, Ed helped his All Saints team reach the semifinals in TAPPS.

After the sophomore season came to a close, he transferred to IMG Academy, Florida, and had shown tremendous results. Having earned the 2nd Team All-State reward while competing in a state championship, Edward McKee proved that hard work ethics, and diligence pay off. He made whopping 58 tackles, nine sacks, three fumbles, and four fumble recoveries. Eventually, D1 caught wind of Ed’s achievements, and some of the biggest names in American Football approached him, including TCU, South Florida, Coastal Carolina, Montana, Miami, and Kentucky representatives. He chose TCU and eventually flipped and committed to Kentucky. He was eagerly waiting for his chance to prove himself.

A week before his game, Ed suffered an Achilles injury and was prevented from playing his match. He imparted that he will return to his professional football career after recovering. Edward loves the game of football and has a lot of grit too him. He will be back soon and make an impact.

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