Riley-Infinity & Lemniscate-Infinity Press Brings Passion Projects to Life With Boutique Personalized Services

Riley-Infinity & Lemniscate-Infinity helps new and veteran writers publish their books and share them with a wider audience.

One of the biggest struggles of new and veteran authors is getting their works published and shared worldwide. Many excellent books get overlooked and left to fade into obscurity because they aren’t a part of the mainstream genres or lack solid marketing. Riley-Infinity & Lemniscate-Infinity steps in to solve these problems by offering publishing and distribution opportunities for authors keen to see their works worldwide in all forms. This emerging publishing company offers hybrid and boutique-style services designed to meet writers where they are at and ensure they’re well-positioned for a successful launch and sales.

“Welcome to Riley-Infinity, where we enjoy partnering with our authors to create unique works of art, not just another book, that spans through infinity. We offer free infinitude adjustments throughout our process,” says award-winning author and company founder Dr. Stephanie Krol.

Working with Riley-Infinity allows authors to access the resources and industry-standard knowledge and experience of a traditional publishing company, but with added efficiency and more creative control. The company has an experienced team of professionals who guide authors throughout the process, from production and printing to publication. The best thing? Authors maintain their full rights and earn 100% royalties on all self-published sales.

Beyond editing and making book covers, Riley-Infinity offers nationwide speaking and publicity opportunities, including website creation, DIY services, marketing plans, Amazon optimization, and social media maintenance. Authors can use these services to promote their works, grow their platform, and connect with their audiences to get their message across.

Riley-Infinity has a comprehensive directory of conferences, events, and virtual networking contacts that enable writers to book speaking gigs or create customized podcasts. The company has partnered with top producers, voice actors, and an amazing audiobook division that can deliver professionally narrated audiobooks. Whether it’s a self-help book, academic, memoir, novel, business, or children’s book, Riley-Infinity is well-equipped to bring those passion projects to life.

As authors continuously face the challenges of the saturated market, Riley-Infinity provides an alternative that expands their horizon of opportunities and empowers them to achieve their goals. Riley-Infinity is run by an author and educator and created to help authors thrive.

It currently offers three publishing options – the Fully Customized-Managed Service, Individual DIY Services, and Hybrid Publishing Services – that give authors the flexibility to meet their unique needs while staying within their budget.

Dr. Krol encourages all interested parties to contact the team for more information. “Please visit or message us through our website or send us a text for a more immediate response. You may also choose to leave a message with some available times today for a callback. We’re glad you called! Have an infinitude day.”

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