Don Caverhill, AKA Don Gallucci, continues to make rock history with his new release, Light

Legendary Musical Genius Is Back – Louie Louie / Funhouse / Touch

Don Caverhill (aka Don Gallucci) is a true musical genius and instrumental in the sound and direction of music today. If you are familiar with Don’s work, Light is worthy of his legacy. And if you’re new to Don, just one listen to Light and you’ll know why he’s a legend.

Don’s musical career began at age 15 playing the instantly recognizable piano intro on one of rock’s most famous records, Louie Louie, The recording is so iconic, enduring and broad in appeal, around the world, May 14 is celebrated Louie Louie Day.  

But He didn’t stop there

In the summer of 1968, Don and his new group, Touch, began recording at the world-famous Sunset Sound Studios. Don’s musical vision was once again unprecedented and groundbreaking but this time on a grander scale. Rumors about an amazing new album were everywhere. In session, Don looked up surprised to see Jimi Hendrix listening intently in the control room. Another day, it was Grace Slick who was soon followed by Mick Jagger. They arrived without warning to check out firsthand the new ‘new’. And once again, Don’s inspired compositions along with his virtuoso keyboard performances on the Touch LP launched a new musical genre: Facebook hails Touch as the first Progressive Rock album. Later groups – Yes, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Uriah Heep, Kansas named Touch as a major influence.

But He didn’t stop there

Elektra Records engaged Don to produce an album for a then unknown artist, Iggy Pop and the Stooges. The legendary album, Funhouse, was the result. Recognized as the first true Punk Rock, Funhouse became one of the most admired recordings in the history of Rock/Punk.  Henry Rollins, Jack White and Joey­ Ramone consider it arguably the best album ever recorded.  Asked to define his contribution to Funhouse, Don would only say ‘I stayed out of the way.’  Yet Iggy Pop and the Stooges recordings without Don’s participation after Funhouse never achieved the same acceptance. To satisfy the demand for the Funhouse magic, the label released a boxed set of seven CDs of the FUNHOUSE OUTTAKES! Years later, demand remained so strong, the label released a $500, limited edition collector’s anthology (sold out in a day) of the FUNHOUSE OUTTAKES ON VINYL! The boxed set included extensive excerpts of Henry Rollin’s interview of Don explaining how he went about achieving the Funhouse magic.

But He didn’t stop there

Don’s unbounded creativity on his new Light LP is as unprecedented and groundbreaking as ever –  entertaining, exciting, thoughtful, funand a great ride! Don Caverhill’s music is available on SpotifyYoutube – Apple Music – Tidal

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