Learn Data Analytics emerges as the go-to data analytics training platform for businesses

Learn Data Analytics is extending state-of-the-art beginner-friendly online certificate data analytics courses with live training sessions, by seasoned trainers.

Ontario – October 04, 2022 – With Big Data ruling the roost today, many businesses are increasingly looking for assistance with data analysis, interpretation, and presentation. In that light, Toronto-based Learn Data Analytics has reportedly emerged as the one-stop platform for industry-leading online certificate data analytics courses. The leading online and live data analytics training center offers training on tested and proven business practices in the data learning and interpretation field by seasoned instructors. 

One of the esteemed names of repute in the data analytics training scene, Learn Data Analytics is backed by 12 years of experience in offering training for data analytics. For more than a decade, the organization has trained over thousands of trainees in advanced data analytics learning courses. LDA focuses on beginner-friendly courses that come handy even for those who do not have prior experience in data analytics. 

“The 21st century has brought us to a data-driven world where you need to deal with a wealth of data to run your business. From understanding customer behavior to predicting growth prospects, you will need to depend on Big Data at every step. Thus, you need expert data analysts who would be able to analyze and interpret the data in easily digestible pieces for different departments of your company. This is where our industry-leading professional data analytics course will come to the rescue”, stated the leading spokesperson from LDA.

“According to the lead instructor Hira Fatima, Certified Analytics Professional, MSc. Data Science & Analytics:

The main USP of our course is that we train our trainees on the latest Best Practices followed by successful businesses as well as the mistakes to avoid in the current data analytics scene. We assure training by some of the highly reputed professional trainers of the industry.”

The LDA Data Analytics Course covers

  • Foundational knowledge on data science as well as data analytics
  • The most vital principles, concepts, tools, as well as techniques needed for data analysis and interpretation
  • Complete process of data analysis through the advanced data tools: MS excel, Google Sheets, SQL, and Tableau
  • Training on creating dashboards for crafting inspiring data story

A primary aspect of the LDA course that keeps it ahead of the curve is its live classes. The organization follows a cutting-edge training model that combines online instruction with live instruction. This way, trainees will have an opportunity to participate in hands-on sessions where they can put their theoretical knowledge to test and develop a better understanding on the concept.

Another factor that separates the LDA course from the rest is its focus on data presentation. 

“When it comes to data analysis, your responsibility extends to data presentation as well. In fact, this is one skill that will help you to stand ahead of the curve. Thus, we also cover data presentation skills that will train you on how to strategically present data before a group in a digestible and compelling manner.”

For further information, please visit https://learndataanalytics.ca/data-analytics-the-next-big-thing 

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