Surviving Freshman Year: The perfect guide for college freshman trying to find their footing in a new and strange environment.

Surviving Freshman Year: The perfect guide for college freshman trying to find their footing in a new and strange environment.

“At church, he heard all kinds of Bible stories about characters messed up in various ways. He had heard stories growing up about times God acted in epic ways…but had never really thought about whether he believed they were true. Going to church right now was more of a social outlet. He figured everyone at church is supposed to be a nice person, so why not go there to meet new people? But if the stories he heard there were true…It was actually very comforting to think about how messed up everyone is…For so long, he had thought he was alone in how he felt. – excerpt from Surviving Freshman Year

Freshman year is a time of huge personal growth for all students. For most, it is the first chance to truly discover who you are when left to your own devices. It is a time full of excitement, but also a time of fear and confusion.  

This book follows students as they navigate new, unexpected encounters with the real world, offering spiritual insight through scripture and effective discussion questions tackling concerns, such as:

1)    How to find your strengths, and how to find peace with how they differ from the strengths you see in others around you.

2)    What being a good person means to you – especially when faced with new people who break your preconceived notion of what it means to be good.

3)    How to approach making big decisions.

4)    How to cope when reconnecting with friends and suddenly feeling like you have both changed.

Each chapter ends with a weekly challenge designed to push students out of their comfort zones and encourage them to connect and build a strong community around themselves. 

This book doesn’t hand students standard guidelines for what to think and believe, but rather creates a positive space for reflection, allowing students to process their new experiences and develop their own understanding.

Surviving Freshman Year can be a most valuable resource for those preparing for all the wonders and apprehension of what is, for many, the first experience of independent, adult life away from home.” – Arthur Yavelberg

Gregory Jones is a community leader and member of First Christian Church in Johnson City, Tennessee. He holds a Master of Arts in Teaching from East Tennessee State University.

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