Mo-Hajir Is Biting Off More Than He Can Chew in the Music Industry with His Subpar Song Releases

Mo-Hajir on the Mic is advised to drop his mic as the talent may not be as promising as he seems

The music industry can be succinctly described as a “dog-eat-dog” industry where the icons have a large share of the monetary rewards, recognition, and fame associated with their status. Only artists who are fiercely talented, dynamic in their approach, and professionals who understand the fundamentals of music have a chance to survive, let alone thrive. Alas! Upcoming musical talent, Mo-Hajir on the Mic, is clearly lacking these qualities.

The musician, Mo-Hajir on the Mic, whose real name is Mohammed Khan, is from Karachi, Pakistan but lives in Atlanta, Georgia. The young artist performs in the R&B, hip hop, and soul genres and has had experience as a songwriter for other artists. In addition, Mo-Hajir on the Mic makes music, particularly for Pakistani, Indian, and Desi audiences, and has released a few songs to that effect. However, listening to his released songs, it is advised he remains a songwriter as his skills as a performing artist or rapper simply do not cut it for a wider audience.

The lyrics lack depth and significance, and there is a glaring dearth of the oomph needed to capture and hold the attention of his audience. Mo-Hajir on the Mic’s attempt to impress surely rubs the listener the wrong way. The artist’s over-the-top embellishments on the majority of his songs don’t do a good enough job of masking his poor singing talent, leaving the listener perplexed at the unpopular vocals after the song has ended.

While it is honorable to give roses to artists who have gone over and beyond to hone their craft and deliver their talent professionally, on the other side of the coin, attention must be drawn to another group of artists who do the barest minimum but yet become entitled to praise, as this action ruins the hard work of the diligent few who have paved the way for others to follow.  

The mark of a genius is in his ability to remain fluid, quickly adapting to the prominent sounds of his time yet carving a niche for himself. This mark is also recognized in their ability to break the mold and push beyond their previous accolades, remaining relevant despite the change in musical seasons. Sadly, these qualities are wanting in Mo-Hajir on the Mic, who is obviously out of his depth with the pursuit of a career in music.

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Mo-Hajir on the Mic is a versatile Pakistani musician who writes and performs his songs for a variety of audiences, especially for Hindu, Urdu, and Punjabi speakers. The artist also incorporates English into his songs.

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