Global Warming Solutions, Inc. Shareholder Update on 2-in-1 Sodium Battery and Hydrogen Generator System Development

Temecula, CA – Global Warming Solutions, Inc. (OTC: GWSO), a worldwide developer of green technologies that help mitigate global warming and its effects on the planet, is pleased to announce the arrival of the final component required to complete the industrial design of its innovative hybrid energy storage (battery) and hydrogen generator 2-in-1 system using the abundant and environmentally friendly sodium liquid metal. This week the company will start a comprehensive battery and hydrogen generator testing set-up on the specially designed stand, which simulates actual operational exploitation conditions, together with its partners AQST and Creative Engineers, Inc. at their Pennsylvania facility. During these tests, at the full modes, the specific energy intensity of the system, maximum current output, maximum hydrogen production rate, and the voltage under load will be tested. Particular attention will be paid to battery and hydrogen generator system operation safety issues. Upon successful testing, GWSO’s Patented Process will allow the development of a 100% Made-in-America safe, low-cost, and more efficient commercial sodium batteries and hydrogen generator system, which will then be manufactured and mass-produced without the challenges of materials and components manufactured out of the United States.

GWSO’s hybrid 2-in-1 system (sodium battery and hydrogen generator) is a promising alternative to initially substitute and eventually replace the high contaminant and limited lithium-ion batteries. Since the lithium prices have tripled in a year and face a long-term supply shortage. The increase is largely due to increasing demand for electric vehicles and the inelastic nature of supplies out of the United States. This situation creates a perfect opportunity for GWSO to take the market share away from lithium.

There are significant critical benefits to our 2-in-1 hybrid sodium batteries-hydrogen generator system that makes our technology so disruptive and innovative:

1. Low Cost of Acquisition– The system is cheaper and more effective at storing energy than other types of batteries.

2. Minimal Ecological and Environmental Impact– Sodium is more abundant and easily obtained from natural sources.

3. Low Cost of Operation and Maintenance- The battery has a low maintenance requirement

4. Optimal Performance- High temperatures and many recharging cycles do not affect the system’s energy storage and operational life capacity. This technical capability makes this technology more advanced and efficient than any existing battery system in production. In addition, our sodium battery and hydrogen generator 2-in-1 system can be stored for long periods without any degradation or storage capacity performance reduction. In other words, a battery without shelf-life!

In addition, GWSO’s hybrid 2-in-1 (sodium-hydrogen) systems will open new opportunities and uses for a large number and variety of applications, including but not limited to:

1. Cars- Electric vehicles (EVs) and other mobile vehicles, including hybrid vehicles.

2. Aviation- eVTOL, electric aircraft, and drones for commercial and defense applications.

3. Marine- Electric ships, drones, and submersibles for commercial and defense applications.

4. Telecommunications Infrastructure- off-the-grid remote antennas and relay station operations.

5. Power Infrastructure- The technology is scalable at a utility scale using the fully integrated GWSO Zero Emissions Power Energy Source System. Also, it can be configured as a grid supplemental rapid action power system to support other renewable energy intermittence problems, peeks of energy, and substation UPS to support critical loads during outages.

6. Defense and National Security- multiple logistics, infrastructure, and operations applications, including air mobility, land transportation, communications, and defense systems.

7. Residential- Highly reliable zero emissions power source systems for houses without the need to be connected to the grid or any other renewable technology using our integrated system design for those purposes.

8. Commercial- Highly reliable zero emissions power source systems for commercial buildings without the need to be connected to the grid or any other renewable technology using our integrated system design for those purposes.

“Prior testing of our laboratory models on our electrochemical system revealed the specific energy intensity of the system, which is several times higher than that of lithium-ion batteries.

Recently, we improved the compactness of the arrangement of our battery’s parts compared to the former laboratory version. Therefore, we expect the performance of the current industrial design to improve substantially. Our goal is to validate our laboratory results on the industrial-designed version of our battery.” Stated: Artem Madatov, Chief Science Officer -GWSO

“At AQST USA, all our team involved in the project are excited to start validating and qualifying this new disruptive and one-of-a-kind technology in the coming days. We are not only confident about the expected results and safety of this new 2-in-1 power system to store energy and produce hydrogen simultaneously. We are exhilarated and honored to be part of the team of the first and precursors of the new era of high-reliable ZERO emissions multi-energy source systems integrated into one system/platform.

We are creating and developing a 100% Made-In-America system for almost any application that requires a Zero-emission power source and fuel on Earth and beyond.

This technology development is as transformative, disruptive, and revolutionary as it was the development and launch of the “smartphone technology,” with capabilities to integrate many applications using only one device. If we did it in communications, why not for power production? In October, a new era of reliable, clean, efficient energy and fuel production will arrive. And we will be there to make history.” Stated: Raymond Caldas- Chief Executive Officer and Founder of AQST USA Corp.

While Global Warming Solutions awaits its final testing results, the company is working on all the necessary documents to qualify for any available government grants.

“We sincerely appreciate the patience shareholders have exhibited towards Global Warming Solutions, Inc., and its plan to develop revolutionary products. An exciting new chapter is beginning for the company and its shareholders. We could not be more thrilled to enter this massive market without limitations. With the “Inflation Reduction Act” creating immense competition for American battery makers to source materials outside China, GWSO is now in a dominant position.” Stated: Michael Pollastro- President, Global Warming Solutions Inc. ([email protected])

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