Manuscripts Helps Budding Authors Put Pen To Paper And Makes Their Literary Voices Heard

After the success of their award-winning writing program, Book Creators, Manuscripts was formed to give aspiring authors and their stories the voice and publicity they deserve.

Washington, DC, United States – Gone are the days of waiting months, even years, to have your first book published. With Manuscripts’ help, not only do stories get published, but aspiring authors are even able to arrange their own multi-city book tours in one go with their newly created Modern Author Accelerator. 

Sounds too good to be true? Perhaps. Nevertheless, Manuscripts not only makes this promise to its clients, but delivers on it time and time again. They now have over 1,600 authors attached to their writing programs and publishing house who have successfully distributed their beautifully crafted stories. Over 80 of these authors are also national book award winners and finalists. Then there’s the fact that Manuscripts was ranked #5 by Inc Magazine as one of the fastest growing education companies in 2021 and 2022, lending even more credence to their publishing repertoire. 

Manuscripts CEO, Eric Koester, defines Manuscripts’ innovative publishing strategy in the following ways: ‘We offer a 3-step author-centric strategy here at Manuscripts – Write, Publish and Launch. Authors retain 100% of the rights to their book, while receiving the structure of a publishing program, the accountability of a creative community, and a deep knowledge of modern book publishing.” 

Eric Koester expands on this sentiment further by saying: “As a community-powered writing and publishing program, we realized how powerful it is to ensure authors never write alone. It’s an amazing community of authors, editors, coaches, artists, marketers and more. At Manunscripts, we have learned it takes a village to write and launch a category defining book.”

With Manuscripts, no author is an island. Authors have access to a wealth of resources such as coaching, modern tools for writing and audience building, ensuring they own their work, and creating a powerful platform for launching books. With their inclusive and diverse author community, Manuscripts earned their B-corporation status in 2022, recognizing them as a social venture that offers a platform for ‘underheard voices’ in the writing community. 

Publishing and marketing books just got a whole lot easier thanks to Manuscripts. With Manuscripts, would-be-authors have a platform and team that makes their voices heard and gives their words immeasurable power. 

About Manuscripts:

Manuscripts is a community-powered publishing imprint for nonfiction, memoir, and fiction authors that blends the best aspects of self and traditional publishing. Manuscripts helps writers turn their drafted manuscripts into beautiful books through a unique 7-month publishing and launch process that utilizes cutting-edge publishing strategies such as event-driven campaigns and live workshops to make the act of editing and publishing feel less lonely.

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